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Washington State High School Senior Wins 2015 International Compost Poster Contest

Her conviction that increasing awareness of the benefits of recycling organics to convert them to useful materials caused Emily Mozzone to enter the prize-winning poster for the annual contest sponsored by the US Composting Council.
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NYC, “Humanure” Inventor Among Upcoming US Composting Council Award Recipients

Bethesda, MD (Jan. 2, 2015) – A South Carolina program leading the way to markets and food scrap composting, a longtime industry advocate dedicated to composting education and a researcher who has brought her studies to multiple audiences are among those receiving recognition from their peers at the US Composting Council at the upcoming January 22 awards ceremony. For more, click here.

Grant Award to Composting Council Foundation Funds Development of Professional Composter Certification

The 11th Hour Project has awarded the Composting Council’s Research and Education Foundation(CCREF) a $75,000 grant that lead the way toward professionally certified compost facility managers and facilitate the expansion of the compost industry. For more, click here.

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