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Compost Facility Manager

Posted: September 11, 2014
Deadline: September 19, 2014
Company: Midwest Organics Recycling
Location: McHenry, IL
Job Title:  Compost Facility Manager
About the Company
Midwest Organics Recycling (MOR) is composting operation located 40 miles north of Chicago in McHenry, IL. MOR accepts landscape waste and mixes it with cow manure to create Organimix®; an organic, nutrient rich soil amendment that has been found to produce the same, if not better, results as nitrogen fertilizer.

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Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility, making cost effective and productive use of allocated equipment and manpower to make compost and other approved, non-hazardous biomass materials for land application; ensures day-to-day compliance with applicable municipal/state/federal regulations; meet the needs of customers in the delivery of compost and approved, non-hazardous biomass materials for land application.
Minimum Knowledge/Skills Required
  • Degree in horticulture, science or liberal arts or the equivalent
  • 2 or more years of experience
  • Operational knowledge of professional agricultural equipment with hydraulic systems including tractor loader, skid steer, dump truck and snowplow, if necessary. Working experience with Trommel Screening Plant and rubber tire loader or related equipment is desirable
  • Basic knowledge of composting (feed stocks, formulating mixes)
  • Strong communication, business management, interpersonal and sales skills
  • Bi-lingual preferred but not required
  • General knowledge of IEPA permit regulations for compost facility
  • Ability to work as a team, multi-task and work effectively in a time-sensitive environment
  • Proficiency with basic computer software
  • Ability to work long hours during times of high seasonal workload
Essential Functions
  • Oversee nutrient management systems, including collection, processing, packaging and distribution/sales
  • Responsible for compliance with all applicable state laws relating to compost management, processing and sales including Ag and Markets/Weight and Measure laws related to marketing
  • Provide basic mechanical support to include the repair and maintenance of structural and mechanical equipment where applicable and other maintenance on farm structures and equipment within MOR
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local, national and international experts in the field of nutrient management
  • Understand and effectively communicate the mission of MOR
  • Travel, speak and present externally
  • Keep updated on latest developments and best practices in the field of compost management, to continually increase MOR’s knowledge base and increase its leadership position in the field of nutrient management
  • Long term compost product planning
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Contact Info: To apply for this position please contact Rich Tomec at (312) 750-6630 or submit your resume to