In the section of the website, The Council will provide information, backing, support, encouragement and promotion of social and political activities affecting our industry. In doing this, we will:

I. Monitor legislation that affects the composting and organics industry

  • Including regular updates on information pertinent to legislative, regulatory, social, and industrial activity

II. Review and disseminate information on proposed legislation and regulations

III. Develop USCC positions on legislation and regulations

  • Including, but not limited to the relentless pursuit of a unique NAICS number for composting industry.

IV.    Develop legislative alerts and calls to action

  • Especially the establishment of electronic alerts network for news, legislation and information notification

V.     Provide assistance to USCC members in selecting lobbyists

  • Including established relationships previous lobbyists and public relations firms as well as new relationships, as needed for specific initiatives

VI. Liaise with lobbyists working through the USCC matching fund program for state initiatives

VII. Assist in the development of strategic alliances with affiliate organizations concentrating in organics recycling and allied fields

  • Work with federal and other agencies on grant opportunities

IX.   Communicate with legislators and regulators to maintain close relationships and to learn of social, political and industrial activities, which may affect the composting industry prior to any adverse impact.