Compostable Logo Project


The Compostable Logo Program is a joint effort between the US Composting Council and the Biodegradable Products Institute. The logo provides for easy identification of compostable plastics by composters, waste haulers and consumers

All products certified in the program must pass ASTM D6400 (American Society of Testing Materials) Standard Specification for Compostable Plastic. Qualified products are then allowed to use the Logo.

Plastic products carrying this symbol have been scientifically proven and independently certified to biodegrade and compost satisfactorily in well-run municipal and commercial composting facilities. They compost, just like kraft paper bags, sticks and twigs, other yard trimmings and food scraps.

The logo use agreement has recently been expanded to include products that meet the test specifications ASTM D6868 for Biodegradable Plastics When Used as Coatings on Paper and Other Compostable Substrates.

For more information on the program and products go to the Biodegradable Products Institute.