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Compost Use
Composting Practices
Health and Safety

A Practical Safety Manual For the Composting and Mulching Industry

The objective of this manual is to help you establish a safety program that is compliant with regulations and effective in reducing or eliminating safety hazards.

From the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services. Mr. Bryan Lane, CIS Occupational Safety and Health Consultant, researched and produced this manual.

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Herbicide Carryover

Herbicide Carryover in Manure and Hay: Caution to Organic Farmers and Home Gardeners by Jeanine Davis, North Carolina Extension Horticultural Specialist, June 2009
There have been a number of reports from organic farmers and home gardeners of damage to vegetables following compost application. The symptoms exhibited are twisted, cupped, and elongated leaves; misshapen fruit; reduced yield; death of young plants; and poor seed germination. One possibility for the source of this crop injury is the presence of certain herbicides in manure and compost.

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Composter Alert: New DuPont Herbicide “Imprelis” Will Persist in Compost

The new herbicide is entering the market in every state except California and New York, and despite label warnings to the contrary it will undoubtedly end up in compost via treated grass clippings. There are still many unknowns. This fact sheet alerts composters to this threat and gives some suggestions about what to do.

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