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2014 USCC Conference Featured Speakers

Eben BayerEben Bayer
Ecovative, Green Island, NY, USA
Plenary Talk title: “Sustainable Design and Manufacturing for People, Planet and Progress” Abstract Link
Talk title: “Grown, Not Made – “Plastics” Exist in Nature” Abstract Link (Session D2)
Presenter Bio: Eben is the CEO and co-founder Ecovative. Eben uses biology to create disruptive solutions that are good for people and the planet. He has evangelized a strategy of bio-adaption around the world, including presentations at TED Global, PopTech, and The World Economic Forum in Davos. Eben is also interested in augmentative neuro-systems, thermodynamics, education, and monetary systems modeled around life. He serves on the external advisory board of the ASU Origins project, the business board of Tech Valley High School, and advises start-ups in and around New York. Eben studied at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he received dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation & Design. For the 18 years prior, he studied agriculture and farming through hands on learning at his family farm in central Vermont.

Ron Alexander
R. Alexander Associates, Inc, Apex, NC, USA
Talk title: “Striving for 5% Organic Matter: Program Concept and Importance” Abstract Link (Session U4)
Presenter Bio: Mr. Alexander is a horticulturist with almost 30 years of experience working with compost and other organic recycled products. He is also the President of R. Alexander Associates, Inc., a consulting company specializing in product and market development for organic recycled products, as well as product labeling and registration. Mr. Alexander is a US Composting Council Board member, and has served as its Secretary and Vice President. He is currently the Co-Chair of the USCC’s Market Development Committee, and is also the author of the “Practical Guide to Compost Marketing & Sales” (2nd Edition published by BioCycle).

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\allen_cut.jpgJan Allen
Impact Bioenergy, Shoreline, WA, USA
Talk title: “Decentralized Bioenergy Options” Abstract Link (Session AD3)
Presenter Bio: CEO of Impact Bioenergy which sells prefabricated systems for Recycling Organic Materials into Renewable Energy, Compost, Soil Products, and Biocarbon

  • 10 million tons have been processed by the leading facilities in Jan Allen’s composting portfolio
  • 10 MW per hour to be commissioned in Jan Allen’s Anaerobic Digestion portfolio
  • Registered Inventor on 5 U.S. Patents for digestion, composting, and biofiltration
  • Professional Civil Engineer and Certified Compost Facility Operator
  • Certified Manager of Quality and Operational Excellence, American Society for Quality

Bridget AndersonBridget Anderson
NYC Department of Sanitation.
Talk title: “Launching a Residential Organics Collection Program in The Country’s Largest City” Abstract Link (Session D3)
Presenter Bio: Bridget Anderson is Director of the Recycling Unit in NYC Department of Sanitation’s Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling. She manages the city’s organics collection pilot program. In addition to the new organics collection initiatives, Bridget oversees NYC’s waste characterization study efforts, and works on recycling infrastructure and education in NYC with special emphasis on plastics recycling.

Bridget participates on the US Composting Council’s Compostable Plastics Task Force. She also serves on the Recycled Plastics Subcommittee at ASTM International, which is working to update and improve the plastic resin identification codes, and is a member of the Association of Post-Consumer Plastics Recyclers Rigid Plastics Committee, which is working to improve markets for non-bottle rigid plastics.

Jetta AntonakosJetta Antonakos
City of Tacoma, Sr. Environmental Specialist.
Talk title: “It’s Not Commingled!! Tacoma’s Approach to Organics Collection” Abstract Link (Session D4)
Presenter Bio: Jetta Antonakos, Senior Environmental Specialist, City of Tacoma, WA, leads the City’s residential and commercial organics programs. She has devoted more than two decades to waste prevention/recycling program development, education and outreach. Prior to working in Tacoma, Jetta innovated public outreach and waste prevention projects for Seattle Public Utilities. She also spent several years in Maine where she introduced automated garbage and recycling collection, and promoted recycling statewide. As a Washington Organics Recycling Council board member, Jetta is actively involved in producing the WORC annual conference.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Ash.JPGPeter Ash
Straightash Environmental Solutions, Encinitas, CA, USA
Talk title: “Rehabilitating a Former Open Landfill Site in India: A Case Study in Habitat Restoration” Abstract Link (Session U1)
Presenter Bio: Peter Ash is an organic farmer with over 40 years experience. As owner StraightAsh Environmental Solutions he teaches, consults and lectures internationally on Integrated Waste Management, Sustainable Food Systems and Permaculture Design. Peter taught the Master Composter Training course in San Diego for 5 years. He currently teaches and consults in Africa, Europe, India, and the U.S. Peter has presented at the Clean India Trade Show 2010, and the Organic Farming Association of India conference.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Bakx.jpgWill Bakx
Sonoma Compost Co., Petaluma, CA, USA
Talk title: “Mulch Madness Lawn Conversion: Grow Local Businesses and Harvest Community Engagement” Abstract Link (Session U3)
Presenter Bio: Will Bakx launched Bennett Valley Farm Compost in 1985, processing various agricultural and fish industry discards. In 1993 he started the Sonoma county-wide yard debris composting program as Sonoma Compost Company (SCC). Will earned a BA in Environmental Studies from Sonoma State University and a MS in Soil Science from U.C. Berkeley. He is the co-founder and current board member of the California Organic Recycling Council (CORC) and the California Compost Coalition (CCC).

Jessica Ann Bernardini, P.E.
Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC, Dublin, CA, USA
Talk title: “One Size Fits All ? The Journey to Designing an Aeration System for a CASP Facility” Abstract Link (Session C5)
Presenter Bio: Jessica Bernardini is a project manager with Cornerstone Environmental Group. She has worked in the solid waste industry for 6 years, since completing her Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of California-Berkeley. As an environmentalist, Jessica’s career path goals were to eventually work in an area of solid waste that would be diverting and not contributing to landfills. With her background in engineering, biology, and chemistry, working with compost seemed like a natural fit.

Vinnie BevivinoVinnie Bevivino
Chesapeake Compost Works, Baltimore, MD
Talk title: Lessons Learned From a Start-Up Indoor Urban Food Waste Compost Company Abstract Link (Session C2)
Presenter Bio: After working for years in the sustainable agriculture and urban farming movement, Vinnie Bevivino founded Chesapeake Compost Works to help provide the soil needed for local food production and to provide a solution to the lack of composting infrasture in the Baltimore Region. He started Chesapeake Compost Works in October 2012, an indoor food scrap composting facility located in the city of Baltimore that prides itself on making high quality soil used by horticulturalists throughout the region.

Ginny BlackGinny Black
Compost Council Research and Education Foundation, Bethesda, MD
Talk title: “The Role of Research and Education” Abstract Link (Session P7)
Presenter Bio: Ginny recently retired from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as the Organics Recycling Specialist for the State. She currently chairs the Minnesota Composting Council a non-profit organization, and affiliate of the USCC, that works with composters, businesses, and the public sector to divert organic materials to compost facilities.

She served on the Board of the US Composting Council Board of Directors from 1995 to 2010 and in 2006 and 2011 received the USCC’s Outstanding Service Award. She currently a Trustee on the Composting Council’s Research and Education Foundation committee and Chair of the Minnesota Composting Council.

She is an active member of the Minnesota Audubon’s Environmental Issues Committee, a state wide organization affiliate with National Audubon. She works with that organization to strengthen legislative initiatives and programs around product stewardship initiatives, source reduction, recycling and composting. In addition she works on forwarding initiatives to reduce the impact of Climate Change.

Ginny chairs the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Organization whose mission is to promote clean water in the Watersheds lakes, wetlands and creeks.

Amber Blythe
BIOFerm Energy Systems, Madison, WI, USA
Talk title: “Evaluation and Impact of Regional Tipping Fees and Finished Digestate Compost Product Pricing on Anaerobic Digestion” Abstract Link (Session AD3)
Presenter Bio: Ms. Blythe is an Application Engineer at BIOFermTM Energy Systems. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison. During her studies she focused on renewable energy and interned at GE Transportation as Test Engineer as well as at Sani-Matic, Inc. as a New Product Development Engineer. Her focus at BIOFerm is on business development. Ms. Blythe has give more than a dozen technical presentations.

Jean Bonhotal
Cornell Waste Management Institute, Ithaca, NY, USA
Talk title: “Economics of Composting in a Small Rural City- a Sustainable System” Abstract Link (Session C2)
Presenter Bio: Jean has worked at the Cornell Waste Management Institute in solid waste education for over 20 years,first working for Cornell Cooperative Extension in Broome County, then for the Cornell Waste Management Institute. For the last ten years, she has been working on composting feedstock from food to manure to animal carcasses. Currently her time is split between manure and carcass & butcher waste composting education and research. Compost quality and consistency in the market place has also become a high priority. Previous experience includes working with different agencies including US Forest and National Park Service, US EPA, NYS DEC and the landscape and greenhouse industry. She received an M.S. degree in Education and Communication from SUNY Binghamton in1991, a B.S. in Biology from Utah State University in 1984 and an A.A.S. in Natural Resources from SUNY Morrisville.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\brown_n_cut.jpgNellie J. Brown, CIH
Cornell University – ILR Worker Institute, Buffalo, NY, USA
Talk title: “Process Failure Analysis: A Tool for Evaluating Health and Safety at Composting Facilities.” Abstract Link (Session C4)
Presenter Bio: Nellie Brown, MS, CIH, is Director of Workplace Health and Safety Programs for Cornell University-ILR,providing on-site training and technical assistance services in a wide range of occupational safety and health matters, including process failure analysis and composting health and safety. She serves on a CUProject Work Team for Managing Organic Residuals and served on the Technical Committee which developed ANSI/ASABE Standard S607 – Ventilating Manure Storages to Reduce Entry Risk.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Brown_s_cut.jpgSally Brown
Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
Talk title: “Linking Land use and Urban Sectors for GHG Accounting” Abstract Link (Session P7)
Presenter Bio: Sally, in addition to being an avid cross country skier is a research associate professor at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington. She got her MS and PhD at the University of Maryland working with Rufus Chaney. She is a Fellow in the Soil Science Society of America and has won the USCC Rufus Chaney Research Award. She writes a monthly column in Biocycle magazine.

Michael Bryan-Brown
Green Mountain Technologies, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
Talk title: “Comparison of Positive vs Negative Aeration” Abstract Link (Session C5)
Presenter Bio: Michael has a BS in Civil Engineering from Tufts University. He is president and founder of Green Mountain Technologies, a manufacturer of solids handling equipment in Washington. He is holder of 3 patents in the field of composting. Previously Mr. Bryan-Brown was working as Environmental Engineer for Stone & Webster and Metcalf & Eddy in New York City on biosolids management and wastewater treatment plant design.

Chris Cano
Gainesville Compost, Gainesville, FL, USA
Talk title: “Building Compost & Community: How Gainesville, FL is Moving From Waste to Food” Abstract Link (Session D4)
Presenter Bio: Chris Cano is Compost Experience Officer (CEO) at Gainesville Compost, a pedal powered community compost company in Gainesville, FL. After completing his studies at the University of Florida in 2010, Chris turned his gardening hobby into a passion-based business by launching a bike-powered food waste diversion company that creates sustainable soil for gardeners from the local food waste stream. The initiative has achieved wide recognition in at least 18 instances of print and online media, including an INSite Magazine feature which named Chris one of Gainesville’s "25 Most Interesting People" in 2012. Chris works with partner Steven Kanner to develop pedal powered solutions for urban agriculture, including locally manufactured bicycle trailers and bicycle-cranked composters and sifters that have been featured in local publications. Together, they are working to promote pedal powered commerce in Gainesville and beyond.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\carpenter_cut.jpgAndrew Carpenter
Northern Tilth, Belfast, ME, USA
Talk title: “High Carbon Wood Ash Use in Composting: A Remedy for Pesticide-Impacted Composts and Nuisance Odors” Abstract Link (Session C1)
Presenter Bio: Andrew Carpenter is a certified soil scientist, certified crop advisor and certified nutrient management planning specialist. Andrew has been recycling organic residuals since 1992 and has extensive experience in handling technical issues related to the reuse of organic residuals. Andrew received an M.S. in Plant, Soil and Environmental Science at the University of Maine. Currently, he is the President of the Northeast Biosolids and Residuals Association.

Eric A. CarrEric A. Carr
Rodale Institute, Kutztown, PA, USA
Talk title: “Impacts of compost amendments on soil-borne Pythium disease” Abstract Link (Session U7)
Presenter Bio: From laboratory research to field applications, Eric Carr has been studying the effects and benefits of compost materials on plant production. During his graduate career, Eric examined the mechanisms responsible for compost mediated disease suppression on soil borne plant pathogens. More recently, Eric has spent a year at Estancia Laguna Blanca, Argentina producing compost materials and evaluating field applications of organic amendments to determine their cost effectiveness on a large scale organic farming operation.

Carla Castagnero
AgRecycle, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Talk title: “Improving the Dining Experience: examples from the Pros” Abstract Link (Session D5)
Presenter Bio: Carla Castagnero is President of AgRecycle, Inc., Pennsylvania’s largest source separated composting operation, headquartered in Pittsburgh and founded in 1991. AgRecycle accepts a broad range of organic materials including food scraps. AgRecycle’s trucks cover extensive collection routes throughout western Pennsylvania. It manufacturers a variety of high-end compostable products and custom soil blends. Carla’s degrees are from Columbia University and Duquesne University. She serves on the editorial board of BioCycle magazine.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Chandler_cut.jpegBuzz Chandler
Stalk Market, Portland, OR, USA
Talk title: “Improving the Dining Experience: examples from the Pros” Abstract Link (Session D5)
Presenter Bio: Buzz Chandler is President of Asean Corporation, located in Portland Oregon, the parent company of Stalkmarket Compostable products. Buzz and two other partners founded the company in 1989, and the company now enjoys being one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of 100% BPI certified compostable food service products. Buzz also is the current national President of BPI, and serves on the Board of Directors, working at both the local and national levels on more comprehensive issues surrounding compostables in the solid waste stream. He has a BS in business and political science from Lewis and Clark College, with additional undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Scotland, and the London School of Economics, London England. Buzz has also held management positions prior to the founding of Asean, with Marriott Hotels, Sanko Steamship company, Continental Grain Inc.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Chardoul.jpgNicole Chardoul
Resource Recycling Systems, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Talk title: “University of Michigan Athletics Leads Zero Waste in the Community, Supports Advocacy of the Washtenaw Food Policy Council” Abstract Link (Session D1)
Presenter Bio: Nicole Chardoul brings 15 years of engineering, organics and operations management to RRS. Nicole has extensive knowledge of engineering, pollution prevention, recycling and composting facility construction oversight, as well as equipment and system procurement for all types of green projects. Nicole has trained compost site operators and managers on operational protocols and site design since 2000 and has served on local compost regulatory review committees to encourage composting and food diversion from the landfill. Her expertise in non-profit, health care and university settings is vital to the RRS organization.

Andrew CorbinAndrew Corbin
Washington State University Extension,Everett, WA, USA
Talk title: “Compost in Agriculture: Research, Demonstration and Outreach Project” Abstract Link (Session U6)
Presenter Bio: Dr. Andrew Corbin is Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty with WSU Extension. His PhD in crop and soil science includes the soil quality, weed seed bank and economic dynamics of the transition period from conventional systems to certified organic crops. He was the project manager for the Long-Term Ecological Research site in row-crop agriculture, an agricultural educator for Michigan State University Extension and a regional specialist with Cornell University’s NY State Integrated Pest Management Program.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Crohn D.jpgDavid Crohn
UC Riverside, Riverside, CA, USA
Talk title: “Fire and Erosion Control Research” Abstract Link (Session U5)
Talk title: “Salts, Nutrients and EC measurements ” Abstract Link (Session U7)
Presenter Bio: David Crohn earned his doctorate in 1992 from Cornell University in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Since then he has been a professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Riverside. His research emphasizes the beneficial use of municipal and agricultural residues as soil amendments and fertilizers. If used beneficially, these materials can improve soils, crops and landscapes, but appropriate use requires consideration of their potential impact on ground and surface waters. By applying a systems approach, Dr. Crohn has developed tools to assist farmers and is scheduling applications of manures and other organic fertilizers. He works closely with the compost industry and state agencies, assisting them in identifying quality products for use in landscape to promote plant health and in construction areas to control erosion. Recently, he has published novel approaches for determining environmental pathogen survival functions where temperatures vary over time and where occurrences represent events that are seldom observable.


Ken Decio
Calrecycle, Sacramento, CA, USA
Talk title: New Regulations for Compost Facilities Abstract Link (Session P5)
Presenter Bio: Ken Decio is a Senior Integrated Waste Management Specialist in the Waste Permitting, Compliance and Mitigation Division at CalRecycle. Ken is currently coordinating the revision of CalRecycle’s composting regulations. He was the project manager for preparing a Statewide Program Environmental Impact Report for anaerobic digestion facilities in California and assisted in developing workshops to educate Caltrans staff on the benefits of using compost for erosion control and re-vegetation projects. Ken has also worked with the green industry, government agencies, and the public to encourage the use of sustainable landscaping practices to reduce green waste, conserve water, and protect water quality.

Nancy Deming
Oakland Unified School District, Oakland, CA, USA
Talk title: “How Can We Increase Our Compost Production? Working With Our Schools!” Abstract Link (Session P1)
Presenter Bio: Nancy Deming, an active, environmentally educated parent that found a way to bring an environmental sustainability program to the Oakland Unified School District. Participants on the panel include:

  • Roland Broach-OUSD Custodial Services Director
  • Jennifer LeBarre-OUSD Nutrition Services Director
  • Rebecca Parnes-Waste Management School Specialist
  • Mark Spencer-StopWaste.Org Senior Program Manager
  • Ruth Abbe-Alameda Unified Rep, HDR, Inc.
  • Deborah Moore, Berkeley Unified Rep, Green Schools Initiative

Scott DowlanScott Dowlan
California Department of Transportation, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
Talk title: “Using Compost for Erosion Control” Abstract Link (Session U5)
Presenter Bio: Scott Dowlan is an Associate Landscape Architect with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). He is responsible for erosion and sediment control, planting and irrigation, and structure aesthetics on highway construction projects from planning through construction. Scott has over 19 years of experience as a Landscape Architect, including 6 years at private landscape architecture firms in both the United States and Southeast Asia and 13 years experience at Caltrans. In 1994 he graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture and is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control. He presented at the USCC Annual Conference in 2008 to discuss Caltrans’ initial interest in pursuing compost for erosion control, and has presented to local Resource Conservation Districts in San Luis Obispo County, as well as working with the Invasive Plant Council regarding the use of compost.

Scott DowlanSid England
UC Davis, Davis, CA
Talk title: “UC Davis Uses Public-Private Partnership to Develop Modular Digester in Record Time” Abstract Link (Session AD2)
Presenter Bio: Sid England is Assistant Vice Chancellor for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability at UC Davis. He coordinates campus sustainability programs including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. A member of the West Village project team since its inception, he co-leads the team striving to achieve Zero Net Energy from the grid. Other major campus sustainability projects include the Smart Lighting Initiative which aims to reduce energy used for campus lighting by 60 percent and the Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester which will use campus waste to generate electricity.

David Escalera
CompostaMex, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico
Talk title: “Combining Windrows and Vermicomposting in Mexico: 2 Case Studies” Abstract Link (Session C3)
Presenter Bio: Professional Degrees
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, campus Monterrey. 1980- 1985. Agronomical Engineer
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara, Septiembre 2003-Agosto 2004. Directive skills certification
Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara. Entrepreneur skills certification. Enero 2007 – Diciembre 2008.
Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara.
Business incubation COMPOSTAMEX SA de CV. Enero ’09 – Enero ’10.
28 composting facilities built until now in 12 states of México.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Britt Faucette_cut.jpgBritt Faucett, Ph.D.
Filtrexx International. LLC, Grafton, OH, USA
Talk title: “Erosion Control, Storm Water & Green Infrastructure: An Overview ” Abstract Link (Session U4)
Presenter Bio: Dr. Britt Faucette, Ph.D., is an Ecosystem Scientist, Certified Professional of Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC), and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP). Dr. Faucette directs research, product development, and technical services programs within the water quality, green infrastructure, and organics recycling industries. He earned his Ph.D. from the Odom School of Ecology at the University of Georgia. In 2008 he was the recipient of the Annual Clean Water Award presented by the US Composting Council.
Britt serves on technical committees with the American Society of Test Methods (ASTM), Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), the Board of Trustees for the US Composting Council Research & Education Foundation (CCREF), the Professional Development & Conference Committee and the Standards and Practices Committee of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA), and is Chairperson of the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GA SWCC) Technical Advisory Committee to revise the state Erosion & Sediment Control Manual

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Franco_cut.jpgJacques Franco
CalRecycle, Sacramento, CA, USA
Talk title: “An Update on AD Projects and Regulations in CA” Abstract Link (Session AD3)
Presenter Bio: Jacques Franco is a BioEnergy scientist at CalRecycle. Jacques has worked in the environmental science field for over twenty years. He currently is CalRecycle’s lead technical staff for urban biomass to fuels and energy conversion technologies. His responsibilities include technology assessment, research and development. Jacques provides technical support to jurisdictions and other stakeholders deploying waste conversion projects and participates in many technical interagency workgroups.
Prior to his CalRecycle work, Mr. Franco worked in the private sector as a business and technology transfer consultant in the international agriculture field. Before his private sector work he started and managed the Fertilizer Research and Education program (FREP) at the California Department of Food and Agriculture.
Mr. Franco is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, School of Management. He earned a Master of Science in Conservation Ecology from the same institution and holds a B.S. in Environmental Horticulture. He has authored and edited over forty technical and peer reviewed publications.

Robert Friend
Specialized Environmental Technologies, Eden Prairie, MN, USA
Talk title: “The Evolution of Waste Reduction through Composting: A Minnesota Case Study” Abstract Link (Session P2)
Presenter Bio: Rob Friend, Director of Sales and Marketing for Specialized Environmental Technologies, Inc. has over 17 years experience in the composting industry. With a BS degree in Business Management from Minnesota State University,he began his career in the industry with hands-on experience as a compost site equipment operator. His business background and interest in the composting industry quickly advanced him to projects involving site development and permitting, product sales and account management responsibilities. In his current position with Specialized Environmental Technologies, Inc. Mr. Friend oversees sales, quality, production and distribution of 50,000 plus yards of compost annually through the retail division of the company known as The Mulch Store. In addition, he manages customer relations and is continually developing new local markets for products including schools, businesses, community gardens, MN Dept. of Transportation, homeowners and landscapers.

Brian FuchsBrian Fuchs
W. L. Gore & Associates, Elkton, MD, USA
Talk title: “Evolution of a Compost Facility Over 20 Years: How Odors and Process Control Drive the Need for Technology Improvements” Abstract Link (Session C3)
Presenter Bio: Brian is the North American representative for GORE® Cover System technology and has been serving the environmental field for 20 years. Brian?s experience includes project management, contracting, regulatory affairs, operations and field testing. Before joining Gore, Brian spent his time as a chemical application specialist in the drinking water and wastewater treatment industry. Brian did his undergraduate study at the New York Institute of Technology and received an MBA from the University of Delaware.

Scott Gamble
CH2M HILL, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Talk title: “Tools of the Trade” Abstract Link (Session C6)
Presenter Bio: Scott Gamble has over twenty years of experience designing, operating and managing composting and other solid waste facilities. This includes managing a number of smaller windrow facilities as well as being a senior manager at one of the largest composting operations in North America.
Since joining CH2M HILL in 2006, Scott has work on assessment and design assignments in Canada, the United States, the Middle East and Australia. Scott is also the past-Chairman of the Composting Council of Canada.

Justen Garrity
President – Veteran Compost, Aberdeen, MD, USA
Talk title: “Growing Pains: Managing the Growth of a Compost Business” Abstract Link (Session C3)
Presenter Bio: Justen Garrity is the Founder and President of Veteran Compost (the largest food waste composting operation in Maryland).Prior to entering the compost business, Mr. Garrity had a decorated career as an Army Combat Engineer Officer. He has a B.S. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Penn State.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Garvey_cut.jpgShawn Garvey
CleanWorld Partners, Gold River, CA, USA
Talk title: “Financing an AD Project” Abstract Link (Session AD3)
Presenter Bio: Shawn Garvey; Vice President Communications and Public Affairs
Shawn Garvey is the Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs at CleanWorld. He manages the company’s marketing, branding and communications efforts and develops legislative and regulatory relationships with trade organizations, agency representatives and elected officials around the nation.
Since 2009, Shawn has developed successful public investment and incentive programs that have helped leverage CleanWorld’s private investment in the rapidly developing field of Anaerobic Digestion. He has successfully secured more than $12 million in partnerships with the California Energy Commission, CalRecycle, California State Treasurer, and the California Air Resources Board, attracting non-dilutive grants, loans, carbon credits and other incentives that have reduced the cost of capital for the company’s research, development and commercialization program. Shawn has also managed the corporate rebranding, marketing, communication and advocacy efforts that support the company’s status as the North American leader in Anaerobic Digestion.
Shawn is the founder and CEO of The Grant Farm, where he executes award winning campaigns for businesses seeking public funding partnerships for transformative renewable energy and transportation projects. Shawn is also the co-founder and Vice President of the Bioenergy Association of California, where he has helped craft and manage an ambitious legislative and regulatory strategy that places California at the crux of bioenergy adoption and commercialization.

Nora GoldsteinNora Goldstein
BioCycle, Emmaus, PA, USA
Talk title: “How To Build Composting Infrastructure in the U.S.” Abstract Link (Session P6)
Presenter Bio: Nora Goldstein is Editor of BioCycle, the magazine for Advancing Composting, Organics Recycling and Renewable Energy, published by The JG Press, Inc. in Emmaus, PA. Nora has authored numerous articles on all facets of composting, organics recycling, and anaerobic digestion, and delivered papers at national and international conferences over the last 30 years.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\hanson.pngEmily Hanson
Zero Waste Energy Development Company, San Jose, CA, USA
Talk title: “Implementation: winning proposal development for public sector contracts, and large-scale infrastructure development including details on including facility construction, and leading edge permitting ” Abstract Link (Session AD1)
Presenter Bio: Ms. Hanson is the Director of Business Development & Communications Zero Waste Energy Development Company and its member company, GreenWaste Recovery. For ZWEDC, Ms. Hanson was responsible for permitting the largest dry-fermentation anaerobic digestion facility in the world and negotiating the feedstock agreement for the first phase of the 3-phase facility. Once fully built-out, the operation will process approximately 270,000 tons of organic materials annually, producing 5.1MW of electricity. Prior to ZWEDC, Ms. Hanson was the Executive Director of two non-profit organizations in the fields of agricultural resource conservation and affordable housing. Ms. Hanson received a B.A. in Politics and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\heckman_cut.jpegTrathen Heckman
Daily Acts, Petaluma, CA, USA
Talk title: “Mulch Madness Lawn Conversion: Grow Local Businesses and Harvest Community Engagement” Abstract Link (Session U3)
Presenter Bio: Trathen Heckman is the director of Daily Acts Organization, the Board President of Transition U.S. and a frontyard farmer. Trathen inspires and collaborates with communities, municipalities and leaders to harness the power of nature, inspired action and innovative solutions to restore the vitality of our lives and communities. He lives in the Petaluma River Watershed where he grows food, medicine and wonder while working to compost apathy and lack.


Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\herbert.tiffEric Herbert
Zero Waste Energy, Lafayette, CA, USA
Talk title: “Development perspective – Applies the lessons learned through the San Jose and other Bay area facilities to support integration of AD/Composting systems into organics processing infrastructure nationwide” Abstract Link (Session AD1)
Presenter Bio: Eric Herbert is a founder and Chief Executive Officer of ZWE, leading the company since it was organized in 2010. Eric is an experienced executive in the solid waste, engineering and construction industries. Over the course of his career, he has developed and operated large-scale facilities in all facets of the waste industry. He is a Professional Engineer and Licensed General Engineering Contractor.

Jack Hoeck
Rexius Forest Byproducts, Eugene, OR, USA
Talk title: “Working Better Together: Perspectives and Opportunities through the City of Eugene’s Commercial Compost Program” Abstract Link (Session D1)
Presenter Bio: Jack Hoeck is the VP of Environmental Services for Rexius Forest By Products. Jack has worked for Rexius for the past 37 years. He is responsible for the all of the company’s composting operations. Jack is a past President and board member of the USCC.

Susan Hubbard
Nothing Left to Waste, Saint Paul, MN, USA
Talk title: “Zero-Waste Composting: How Preventing and Composting Food Waste Can Help Conquer Climate Change and Prevent Disease” Abstract Link (Session P4)

Susan Hubbard is Principal at Nothing Left to Waste, a consulting practice aimed at helping people to completely prevent waste. Before founding Nothing Left to Waste, Susan founded Eureka Recycling, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation whose mission is to demonstrate that waste is preventable. Under her leadership as CEO for over 8 years and as the Chief Strategy Officer directly following that for two years, Eureka Recycling grew from 12 to over 140 employees with a $12+ million operation. Eureka Recycling operates a 60,000 TPY (ton per year) MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) and a fleet of recycling collection vehicles serving the twin cities area of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Prior to starting Eureka Recycling, Ms. Hubbard worked for more than fourteen years in the recycling field in diverse roles in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Ms. Hubbard served as the President of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC), Washington, D.C., and on that organization’s executive committee in various roles from 1994 – 1998.

Dave IribarneDave Iribarne
City of Petaluma, Petaluma, CA, USA
Talk title: “Mulch Madness Lawn Conversion: Grow Local Businesses and Harvest Community Engagement” Abstract Link (Session P4)
Presenter Bio: Mr. Iribarne is the Water Conservation Program Coordinator for the City of Petaluma. He has been in this position since April of 2006 and has been passionate about the environment his entire life. Dave earned his degree in Environmental Science with a water quality emphasis from Sonoma State University. Dave is a certified Water Use Efficiency Practitioner, a licensed landscape contractor, a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, a Certified Arborist and has been on the Board of Directors of the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) since 2000. He is currently the CLCA State Landscape Certification Chairman.

Brian JeroseBrian Jerose
Agrilab Technologies LLC, Enosburg Falls,VT, USA
Talk title: “Composting and Renewable Thermal Energy Systems – Case Studies and Trends” Abstract Link (Session C4)
Presenter Bio: Co-founder/Owner, Agrilab Technologies LLC since 2010 and Partner, WASTE NOT Resource Solutions since 1997.Developer and technical contractor for multiple farm, institutional and commercial composting sites around VT, NY and NH. Instructor for VT Certified Compost Operator Trainings. Present focus is on expanding implementation of more composting and heat recovery systems.

Kathy Kellogg JohnsonKathy Kellogg Johnson
Kellogg Garden Products, Carson, CA, USA
Talk title: “Why Organic? Kellogg’s Journey through OMRI and OIM Certification” Abstract Link (Session U2)
Presenter Bio: Kathryn Kellogg Johnson is the Director of Sustainability for Kellogg Garden Products. Her responsibilities include developing and managing business initiatives towards a goal of sustainability in all of the company’s areas of focus. She leads the effort toward environmental integrity, including the purchase of ingredients, the development of new products, energy efficiency in operations, meeting recycling goals, and re-purposing materials for their highest and best use. As “Historian,” she is involved in telling the 89 year story of the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.
Kathy’s passion for educating people on recycling, composting and gardening led to her involvement on the Corporate Board of Advisors for Hollywood’s Environmental Media Association (EMA). She is also involved with Plant with PurposeTM to help educate impoverished and subsistence farmers in third world countries how restoring their soil can improve their quality of life. She is Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Association of Compost Producers (ACP) and serves as a board member of her local community theater, and the fundraising group for the local Children’s Orthopedic Hospital.

Jeff Kler
Humalfa, Iliff, CO, USA
Talk title: “The Humalfa Water and Fertility Study” Abstract Link (Session U6)
Presenter Bio: Jeff Kler has spent his entire career in Agriculture commodity, farming, and composting fertilizer product development. He holds first-hand knowledge with some of the best known growers in Colorado and Wyoming and brings a wealth of new ideas and insights with him.

Doug Kunnemann
NatureWorks, Marietta, GA, USA
Talk title: “Improving the Dining Experience: examples from the Pros” Abstract Link (Session D5)
Presenter Bio: Doug is the Global Segment Leader for NatureWorks LLC Food Service business segment. He has over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, business development and business management for such companies as The Dow Chemical Company, Ashland Chemical Company, UCB, Innovia Films and has been with NatureWorks for eight (8) years.
Prior to becoming a Global Segment Leader, Doug served a North America Commercial Manager; a North America Market Development Manager for Film and Sheet market segments; and Business Director for North America Fresh Food and Food Service segments His current responsibilities include management of NatureWorks global Food Service business segment and respective globally based commercial and technical teams. Doug and his family reside in Marietta, GA, USA.

Joel LevinJoel Levin
Climate Action Reserve, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Talk title: “Opportunities for Carbon Offsets from Waste Diversion Projects” Abstract Link (Session P7)
Presenter Bio: As the Climate Action Reserve’s Vice President of Business Development, Joel Levin is responsible for strategic development of the Reserve and has overseen its development from inception to its current status as the recognized environmental standard for carbon offset projects in the United States. He is the Reserve’s primary liaison to the business community and is a frequent and popular speaker on the Reserve’s programs and other climate change topics.
Joel has served as staff to the California Market Advisory Committee and the California Climate Action Team. Prior to working at the Reserve, Joel worked at Feeva Wireless in Berkeley and APX in Santa Clara. He has also served on the Capitol Hill staff of Senator Timothy E. Wirth (D-Colorado).
Joel holds an M.B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and an M.A. in International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University.

Jeff LindenthalJeff Lindenthal
Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Marina, CA, USA
Talk title: “Integrating AD with Composting at a Public Agency” Abstract Link (Session AD2)
Presenter Bio: Jeff Lindenthal’s career in the recycling industry has included work in the public, private and non-profit sectors beginning in Massachusetts setting up leaf collection and composting for the City of Lowell. As Community Programs Manager for the Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Jeff initiated the District’s food scrap compost program in 2008 which evolved into the opportunity to serve as the District’s project manager for the Zero Waste Energy SmartFerm anaerobic digestion pilot project which was been operational for 10 months and is the subject of his presentation today.

Pierce Louis
Dirt Hugger, The Dalles, OR, USA
Talk title: “Composting Liquid Brewery Waste” Abstract Link (Session C1)
Presenter Bio: Pierce Louis is a co-founder at Dirt Hugger, a composting facility located in Oregon. At Dirt Hugger, Pierce focuses on business development, marketing and finance, but leaving time to help take compost temperatures and drive a front loader. Prior to Dirt Hugger, Pierce has contributed to the entire life cycle of businesses from inception through teaming with investment banks to successfully sell a company. He received a BA from UVA and an MBA from Oxford.

Norma McDonald
Organic Waste Systems, Inc., Dayton, OH, USA
Talk title: “Latest Developments in AD of MSW Organics ” Abstract Link (Session AD2)
Presenter Bio:

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\McDonald_D.JPGDavid McDonald
Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle, WA, USA
Talk title: “Soil and Stormwater Connection: Washington’s Soils for Salmon Initiative Leads to National Best Practices for Soil Protection and Restoration ” Abstract Link (Session U5)
Presenter Bio: David McDonald researches, writes about, and teaches environmentally-friendly landscape practices for Seattle Public Utilities. A biologist by training, he has worked in oceanographic research, mountain lion research and forest fire management, operated a small farm, and taught agriculture and forestry with the Peace Corps. He helped create and serves as technical advisor for Seattle’s Backyard Composting program (a model now used around the world), Natural Lawn and Garden Care program, the regional Soils for Salmon project, www.soilsforsalmon.org, Seattle’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure program www.seattle.gov/util/greeninfrastructure, the Puget Sound Low Impact Development team, and other public and professional education programs. He is a founding instructor for the Sustainable Building Advisor program and Washington’s Low Impact Development certificate program.
David’s publications include “Ecologically Sound Lawn Care for the Pacific Northwest”, “Resource-efficient Natural Landscaping: Design, Build, Maintain” and numerous articles on soils and stormwater, and natural landscape design and management. Since 2007 David has served on the soil technical committee of the Sustainable Sites Initiative, www.sustainablesites.org and now serves on the SITES technical core committee. He is an Associate member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, member of the International Erosion Control Association, and sits on the boards of the Washington Organic Recycling Council and the Soil Water Quality Alliance.

Fred Michel
Ohio State University, Wooster, OH, USA
Talk title: “Biodegradability Of Conventional And Bio-Based Plastics And Natural Fiber Composites during Composting, Anaerobic Digestion and Long-Term Soil Incubation” Abstract Link (Session D2)
Presenter Bio: Fred Michel is an Associate Professor of Biosystems Engineering at the Ohio State University OARDC in Wooster. His lab conducts research on various environmental aspects of composting including herbicide fate, bioremediation, pathogen destruction, microbial ecology, odor production and the biodegradation of bioplastics. Since 2001, he has taught and organized the Ohio Compost Operator Education course. He serves on the USCC Persistent Herbicide task force and on the Board of the Organics Recycling Association of Ohio. He has served as Editor of Compost Science and Utilization journal since 2007.

Patricia D. Millner
USDA Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Lab, Beltsville, MD, USA
Talk title: “Compost and Food Safety—What New Rules from the FDA Mean to You” Abstract Link (Session U6)
Presenter Bio: Patricia Millner is a Research Microbiologist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC). Her degrees are all from University of Maryland-College Park (1970-B.S. Microbiology and Biochemistry; 1975-M.S. Botany; 1984-Ph.D, Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences). Her career with USDA began in 1970 in the Mycology Laboratory, and in1976 she joined the team in the Biological Waste Management Laboratory that developed the Beltsville Aerated Static Pile Method of composting. She served as Research Leader of the USDA, Soil Microbial Systems Laboratory from 1991-2000 when BARC was reorganized. Since then she served in a dual appointment with the Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Laboratory and the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, at BARC. Her areas of expertise are the microbiology of composting, compost products and utilization; bioaerosols and their airborne transport/dispersal; and food safety as related to Good Agricultural Practices and pathogen reduction/survival under environmental stress and cropping systems. She is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and the International Association of Food Protection. Pat is a recipient of the USDA Superior Service Award for “outstanding team effort and response to an urgent national need for research information on safe and beneficial use of sewage sludge on agricultural land’, a USDA Team award for “Development of New Technologies and Greater Understanding of the Fundamental Principles Supporting Sustainable Agricultural Systems”, and the U.S. Composting Council Rufus Chaney Award for Research Excellence.

Caroll Mortensen
CalRecycle, Sacramento, CA, USA
Talk title: “Visions for the Future: Public and Private—The View from Sacramento ” Abstract Link (Plenary Speaker)
Presenter Bio: Caroll Mortensen was appointed CalRecycle director by Edmund G. Brown Jr., in October 2011. As director, Ms. Mortensen leads efforts on waste reduction and recycling as well as oversight of waste disposal in order to protect public health and the environment.

Ms. Mortensen has an extensive background in the development of environmental policy and legislation. She most recently served as consultant for the State Senate Committee on Environmental Quality where she analyzed legislation and provided policy guidance related to solid and hazardous waste, and air and water quality.

As chief consultant for the State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials from 2005-2007, Ms. Mortensen worked on issues related to hazardous waste, green chemistry, pesticides, brownfields, and other related policy areas.

Prior to her work in the Capitol, Ms. Mortensen previously spent 13 years at the former California Integrated Waste Management Board working in a wide variety of positions within the board and later as a member of the executive team as legislative director.

Ms. Mortensen earned her Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science from California State University, Sacramento.

Hilary Near
Cascadia Consulting Group, San Jose, CA, USA
Talk title: “Compostable Bioplastics Testing Protocol: “Real-world” Experiences from San Jose, CA” Abstract Link (Session C1)
Presenter Bio: Hilary Near, Associate at Cascadia Consulting Group, provides leadership and expertise on resource conservation and management projects. Hilary collaborates with service providers, local governments,and businesses to implement waste reduction and recycling programs that support sustainable business practices. She is currently providing technical assistance to the StopWaste.org Business Partnership Program in Alameda County, California and piloting compostable product testing protocols in San Jose.

Tim O’Neill
Engineered Compost Systems, Seattle, WA, USA
Talk title: “Data and Analysis From a Round Robin Test of Five Different CASP Fabrics” Abstract Link (Session C5)
Presenter Bio: Tim O’Neill, President, Engineered Compost Systems
Tim learned to compost from his dad who made him hand screen the compost pile every spring and work the fines into the vegetable garden. He studied engineering at the University of Washington in the 70s and 80s with a vague plan to save the world and become rich. Instead, he has worked as an engineer and entrepreneur in his own small on-going businesses which has been much more fun than having a real job. In 1992 he began working in the compost industry which immediately felt like, and at times smelled like, home. He has been busy since then designing, building and supporting compost process equipment; then redesigning and improving this equipment as the composting environment and operators manage to torture it in ways never imagined. But it seems to be working; ECS now has major equipment in over 50 medium and large scale compost facilities in North America.

Miguel PalmaMiguel Palma
kenCreative, Emeryville, CA, USA
Talk title: “Increasing Retail Sales of Compost-based Products Through Product Packaging” Abstract Link (Session U2)
Presenter Bio: The seminar will be a presentation by the kenCreative team. Therefore, we are providing a biography of our team instead of an individual:
- KenCreative has worked with design and marketing teams for over 30 years, creating brand-building projects for hundreds of brands across 10+ CPG categories.
- Lawn & Garden experience includes brand projects for Rod McLellan, Whitney Farms, SuperSoil, Sungro Horticulture, Sunshine Mix, Black Gold, Grower?s Gold, Central Garden & Pet, Alaska Fertilizers, WorryFree Brand, Ironite Mineral Supplements, and Image Garden Herbicides.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\peters_l_cut.pngLyle Peters
Green Drop, Vancouver, WA, USA
Talk title: “Improving the Dining Experience: examples from the Pros” Abstract Link (Session D5)
Presenter Bio: Mr. Peters passion is guiding facilities toward improved, practical waste diversion techniques including composting initiatives. He joined Pacific Cascade in February 2004. He is the senior executive for the GreenDrop Recycling venture. His prior operational experience includes serving on UCLA’s ASUCLA Board of Directors which manages all campus eateries and stores, managing event operations for the Rose Quarter entertainment district which hosts over 2 million guests each year, and planting then caring for 1000s of apple trees in his family’s orchard. Mr. Peters also managed a VC’s investment in an early stage bio concern. Early career experience included IBM and KPMG. He holds degrees from UCLA and University of Missouri. As time allows, he hikes western mountain ranges with his spouse, Lori.

Frank Peters
AIM Environmental Group, Bright, ON, Canada
Talk title: “Benefits of Compost Quantification Field Study: An In-Depth Analysis of Micronutrients, Plant Health and Pest Control in Agricultural Field Applications.” Abstract Link (Session U6)
Presenter Bio: Frank Peters has been in the food recycling industry for 14 years. Starting with making livestock feed from bakery waste, then into municipal organic composting. Currently Frank is the Business Unit Manager for AIM Environmental Group, which operates the City of Hamilton Central Compost Facility and City of Guelph Organic Waste Facility. Between the two sites AIM is process nearly 100,000 tonne of feedstock per year. Frank has been selling compost to local farmers for the past 6 years, with great success.

Charlotte Pitt
City and County of Denver, Denver, CO, USA
Talk title: “Denver Compost!” Abstract Link (Session D4)
Presenter Bio: Charlotte is a manager for the City of Denver?s Division of Solid Waste Management. She manages the City?s residential recycling program, the solid waste transfer station, bulky item collection, and residential composting collection for the division. She has worked in Denver for 13 years and is passionate about expanding the City?s residential waste diversion programs.

Description: http://www.ilsr.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Brenda-Platt.jpgBrenda Platt
Director, Composting Makes $en$e Project, Washington, DC, USA
Talk title: “Pay Dirt: Expanding Composting to Reduce Waste, Create Jobs & Protect Watersheds” Abstract Link (Session P6)
Presenter Bio: Co-Director, Institute for Local Self Reliance
Director, Composting Makes $en$e
Brenda Platt has worked 27 years at the Institute for Local Self Reliance fighting trash burners and promoting waste reduction, recycling and composting, particularly recycling-based jobs. She currently directs ILSR’s Sustainable Plastics project and Composting Makes $en$e initiative, and co-chairs the Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative. Her latest report, Pay Dirt: Composting in Maryland to Reduce Waste, Create Jobs & Protect the Bay, documents the importance of composting and compost use to enhance soils, protect watersheds, reduce waste, and create jobs.
She has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from The George Washington University and holds a Maryland license to operate commercial composting facilities. Brenda chairs the Environmental and Legislative Affairs Committee of the US Composting Council. She is a founding member of the Grassroots Recycling Network and a past board member of the National Recycling Coalition and the Container Recycling Institute

Crystal Reul-ChenCrystal Reul-Chen
CalRecycle, Sacramento, CA, USA
Talk title: “Greenhouse Gas Evaluation of Compost Production & Use” Abstract Link (Session P6)
Presenter Bio: Dr. Crystal Reul-Chen brings over 20 years of experience in the environmental field to her position as CalRecycle’s compost air emissions and composting technologies lead. With a doctorate in environmental science and engineering from UCLA and a bachelor’s in environmental engineering sciences from MIT coupled with regulatory development at California’s Air Resources Board and grassroots compost program management in North and South America, she possesses a breadth and depth of understanding of the complicated nature of organic materials management.

Colum Riley
Malibu Compost LLC, Malibu, CA, USA
Talk title: “Boutique/Specialty Market: Developing and Marketing a High End Compost” Abstract Link (Session U2)
Presenter Bio: Colum Riley got into compost early in life, literally, growing up on a 700-acre Biodynamic farm in Pennsylvania. He received his BA in Marketing Communications from Berea College. After a brief career in sales & marketing, he moved to Hudson, NY and in 2003 was elected to the City Council. In 2008 he received his MBA from Loyola Marymount University, and in 2009 founded Malibu Compost, the first Demeter Certified Biodynamic® Compost in the country.

Heidi Ringhofer
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, Duluth, MN, USA
Talk title: “Establishing a Source Separated Organic Material Composting Program: 13 Years of Evolution” Abstract Link (Session D3)
Presenter Bio: Heidi Ringhofer has worked in Solid Waste Management for over 20 years which has included operations and supervision of hazardous waste programs for business and households, yard waste and source separated organics composting programs, regional recycling operations and solid waste transfer operations. Her presentation experience includes national many state and local presentations on solid waste programs and a national presentations at previous USCC conferences and the NAHMMA conference.

Gregory Robles
Walker Environmental Group, Thorold, ON, Canada
Talk title: “The Walker Experience: Moving Beyond Commissioning Towards a Successful Compost Operation.” Abstract Link (Session C2)
Presenter Bio: Greg Robles is an Operations Manager for Walker Environmental Group –Organics Experience, Mr. Robles has a responsibility for a 90,000 tonne/annum composting facility, a public waste drop-off depot, and a wood grinding business. His B.Sc. is in Biological Studies from Brock University (1997).Mr. Robles’ employment history includes:

  • Operations Manager, Walker Environmental Group Inc. (WEGI) 2009- Present
  • Plant Manager, Niagara Biosolids LP (WEGI Partnership) 2006-2009
  • Environmental Operations Coordinator, International Marine Salvage Inc. 2004-2006
  • Environmental Scientist, Acres International Ltd. 2003-2004
  • Environmental Technician, NELS Consulting Services 1999-2003

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\rogoff.jpgMarc J. Rogoff, Ph.D.
SCS Engineers, Tampa, FL, USA
Talk title: “Organics Composting and Its Role in a Zero Waste Plan” Abstract Link (Session P3)
Presenter Bio: Dr. Rogoff is a nationally recognized expert in the procurement and operations of solid waste collection, recycling and materials recovery programs and facilities, and the economic feasibility of solid waste systems. These include waste collection studies, facility feasibility assessments, site selection, property acquisition, environmental permitting, operation plan development, solid waste facility benchmarking, ordinance development, solid waste plans, financial assessments, rate studies/audits, development of construction procurement documents, bid and RFP evaluation, contract negotiation, and bond financings. He has recently completed several organics collection and processing projects including co-composting of yard waste and biosolids and anaerobic composting facilities. He has recently authored a textbook entitled, Solid Waste Recycling and Processing: Planning of Solid Waste Recycling Facilities and Programs (William Andrews, 2013).

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\rood.jpgRobert Parkhurst
Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Markets Director,
Environmental Defense Fund
Talk title: “Compost on the Range: a new driver for compost use on California’s grasslands” Abstract Link (Session P6)
Presenter Bio: Robert Parkhurst is Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Markets Director. As Director, Robert oversees EDF’s work to achieve greenhouse gas reductions through agriculture in voluntary and compliance markets, including for California’s cap-and-trade program. His goal is to generate 100 million metric tons worth of greenhouse gas reductions by 2020. He is doing this by working with farmers, ranchers and forestland owners generate quantifiable climate benefits so that they are financially rewarded in the marketplace. Mr. Parkhurst is working with the California Air Resources Board to adopt the first land-based offset protocol for rice farmers in California and the Midsouth in the fall of 2013. In addition, he is working with retailers to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the supply chain of the produce they sell.


Joe Van Rossum
University of Wisconsin-Extension, Madison, WI, USA
Talk title: “Invasive Species Weed Seed Viability after Composting” Abstract Link (Session U7)
Presenter Bio: Joe Van Rossum is the Director of the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center. Mr. Van Rossum also serves as the center’s Recycling Specialist and is based in Madison. In his role as Recycling Specialist Mr. Van Rossum provides technical assistance to businesses, municipalities and community groups in the area of recycling,composting and solid waste management. He is also the current coordinator for the Wisconsin Master Composter program.

Harold Ruppert
O2Compost, Snohomish, WA, USA
Talk title: “Composting at Institutions and Small Organizations, Lessons from Case Studies” Abstract Link (Session C5)
Presenter Bio: Harold Ruppert has been employed by O2Compost for 8 years. Employed 1992 to 2001 as a project manager on cleanup of industrial property. Employed 1975 to 1992 as a pulp mill Environmental Engineer and Supervisor. Harold obtained a B.S degree from the Univ. of Wash. School of Forestry, 1975. Presented at Biocycle in April, 2013.Presented several times at trade events within the paper industry. Currently at Competent Communicator status in Toastmasters.

Robert Rynk
SUNY Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY, USA
Talk title: “Recovering the Heat of Composting – Mostly the Basics” Abstract Link (Session C4)
Presenter Bio: Bob Rynk never submits anything on time. Ya know why … because he’s an old man. Well, maybe that’s not the entire reason. Anyway, he’s a swell guy.

George M. Savage
CalRecovery, Inc., Concord, CA, USA
Talk title: “Competition for Waste-Derived Organic Materials” Abstract Link (Session C1)
Presenter Bio: George M. Savage, P.E., Executive Vice President and Principal.
Mr. Savage’s professional experience includes evaluation and design of waste and materials processing facilities and assisting public and private clients in selecting and procuring collection and processing systems. He regularly makes presentations to international, national, and local conferences on a multitude of matters related to waste management and resource utilization. He received B.S and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a registered professional engineer.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Cary:Dropbox:2014 Conference:speakers:headshots:Scafa.jpgStephanie Scafa
City of Eugene, OR, USA
Talk title: “Working Better Together: Perspectives and Opportunities through the City of Eugene’s Commercial Compost Program” Abstract Link (Session D1)
Presenter Bio: Stephanie Scafa is the Zero Waste Analyst at the City of Eugene. Stephanie works as the liaison between the City, commercial composters, garbage haulers, and business community.

Mary SchwarzMary Schwarz
Cornell Waste Management Institute, Ithaca, NY, USA
Talk title: “Implementing Composting in Schools: Integrating Composting into the Curriculum” Abstract Link (Session P1)
Presenter Bio: Mary Schwarz is an Extension Support Specialist for the Cornell Waste Management Institute at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. She has been conducting research, outreach and education at Cornell University for 30 years, with the last 9 in the management of organic residuals. Mary has spoken on compost use on athletic fields and on-site composting at USCC, manure solids as bedding at BioCycle, Dairy Practices, and Farm Pilot conferences, and on mortality composting at numerous venues, including the 2010Canadian Compost Council and internationally in Brasil.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\sellew_cut.jpgPaul Sellew
Harvest Power, Waltham, MA, USA
Talk title: “Creative Connections: Shining an Organics Management Beacon Across North America” Abstract Link (Session P6)
Presenter Bio: Paul Sellew is the Co-founder and CEO of Harvest Power, Inc. and its group of companies. Harvest is the leading manager of organics in North America with a focus on maximizing the value through production of renewable energy and high quality fertilizer and compost-based soil and mulch products. Paul has been a leader in the organics industry for more than 25 years. In 1982 he founded EarthGro, Inc. which grew to be the second largest producer of compost-based lawn and garden products in North America.

Justin Senkbeil
CompostNow, Raleigh, NC
Talk title: “The CompostNow Story” Abstract Link (Session D4)
Presenter Bio: Justin is the 22 year old Co-Founder and CEO of CompostNow — a Raleigh, NC based social venture with a simple mission: make composting easy. Realizing most individuals and organizations have time and space constraints that act as barriers, Justin built a team around the idea of providing services that handle all the time consuming and dirty work associated with composting. They have spent the past two years creating and developing collection services–focusing on customer interaction, community, and reinforcing the good that is composting.

The efforts of Justin and his team have garnered national attention and hundreds of supporting customers across 8 North Carolina cities. These young and passionate change makers believe that every workplace and every home will one day have a compostables bin; and they are working very hard every day to make that happen. Their aim is to continue lowering the barriers associated with composting, find and implement effective ways to reinforce the environmental, social, and economical benefits of compost(ing), and–at the same time–build a lasting organization that empowers its employees and customers.

CompostNow would not be where it is today without the support and collective action of a strong and dedicated community of early adopters. The journey so far has revealed the sheer potential in simply giving people the opportunity to make a difference. Justin is excited to tell CompostNow’s evolving story of making the connection between those who generate food residuals, and those who depend on the nutrients contained within them.

Prentiss A. ShawPrentiss A. Shaw
Cornerstone Environmental Group, Middletown, NY, USA
Talk title: “Anaerobic Digestion System Selection for Organic Management” Abstract Link (Session AD2)
Presenter Bio: Miss Shaw is one of the owners of Cornerstone and has over 20 years of experience in the solid waste industry. She obtained her engineering degree from Purdue University while being a member of the rowing team and has a MBA from Pace University. Prentiss is a client manager for various types of clients and continues to work on a multitude of environmental projects that have included: permitting landfill overfill expansions, updating solid waste management plans, and development of waste relocation plans for excavations in excess of 4 million CY. Prentiss leads the company’s organics management business initiatives which has included the design of static aerated composting systems as well as various permitting efforts associated with anaerobic digester projects. In her spare time, Prentiss is an addicted golfer, a sporadic cyclist and loves spending time with her family that includes two golden retrievers.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Cary:Dropbox:2014 Conference:speakers:headshots:Sherman_S.jpgSteven Sherman
East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, CA, USA
Talk title: “Framework for Increased Local Government Focus on Food Scraps” Abstract Link (Session P2)
Presenter Bio: Steven has planned and helped to implement commercial and residential organics programs for over 20 years,in dozens of communities across the country. Long-term clients included San Francisco, Alameda County,San Mateo County, Metro Oregon, and Portland. Currently, he provides business development services for the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s (Oakland) anaerobic digestion program that includes municipal food scraps. Steven earned an M.S. in Resource Economics from Cornell University and a B.A. from Yale College.

Judith Silver
Environmental Science Associates, Oakland, CA, USA
Talk title: “Launching a Successful Commercial Urban Organics Program” Abstract Link (Session D1)
Presenter Bio: Judith Silver is a member of the Sustainable Communities Group at Environmental Science Associates. For 20 years, she has coached generators on maximizing material preparation and implementing waste prevention strategies. Judith’s local government clients benefit from her experience in planning and implementing a wide variety of recycling and commercial organics programs providing expert promotion,outreach, tracking and reporting.

Dana D'SousaDr. Lisa Skumatz
Skumatz Economic Research Associates (SERA), Superior, CO, USA
Talk title: “Commercial Food Scraps ? What Are We Seeing / What is Succeeding in Communities?” Abstract Link (Session D1)
Presenter Bio: Dr. Lisa Skumatz is an economist and heads the research and consulting firm, Skumatz Economic Research Associates (SERA), and the non-profit Econservation Institute (EI).

Lisa has assisted more than 200 local, state, and national agencies on recycling and composting program research. Beyond her well-known work in PAYT, Lisa has published national work for EPA on food scraps best practices and recently finished a comprehensive review of commercial program options. Lisa has a “numbers” focus – using real-world data to help communities make well-informed program and policy decisions – with high performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in mind. Lisa has been a long-time contributor in education and social marketing, and has worked extensively on best practices in recycling and food waste programs, funding options, and most effective methods to measure diversion progress.

Lisa holds a Ph.D. and MA in Economics from The Johns Hopkins University. Her BA (in economics) is from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and she holds certification in Sustainability Leadership and Implementation from the University of Denver.

Peter Slote
City of Oakland, Oakland, CA, USA
Talk title: “Oakland’s New Path One City’s Plan to Get the Organics” Abstract Link (Session P2)
Presenter Bio: Peter began his career in resource recovery in SF. From 1991-2001 he managed recycling facilities first for Norcal Waste Systems (now Recology), and then for Weyerhaeuser Company. In 2001 he joined the City of Oakland’s Public Works Agency. Peter is a co-author of Oakland’s Zero Waste Strategic Plan (adopted 2006),and the lead author of Oakland’s Zero Waste System (adopted 2012). He is currently vice president of the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA).

Scott Smithline
CalRecycle, Sacramento, CA, USA
Talk title: “California Policy Initiatives to support Diversion of Food Residuals ” Abstract Link (Session P3)
Presenter Bio: Scott Smithline is CalRecycle’s assistant director for policy development.
Smithline was a consultant at Smithline Group since 2008. Previously, he was director of legal and regulatory affairs at Californians Against Waste from 2003 to 2008, an attorney at Lawyers for Clean Water in 2001 and a fellow at Golden Gate University Environmental Law and Justice Clinic from 2000 to 2001. Smithline received his Juris Doctor degree from Golden Gate University School of Law..

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\Sullivan_cut.jpgPatrick Sullivan
SCS Engineers, Sacramento, CA, USA
Talk title: “The Implications of California Air Regulations on Composting Facilities” Abstract Link (Session P5)
Presenter Bio: Patrick Sullivan has a degree from Harvard University and over 23 years of experience in solid waste consulting. He is a Senior Vice President and Director for SCS’s Solid Waste Practice in the West. He is the Principal-in-Charge for air quality, GHG, and odor projects for solid waste facilities, including over 20 composting facilities. He has published over 25 technical papers in industry journals and publications and presented at over 35 conferences, seminar, and workshops.

Sophie Taillefer
RECYC-QUÉBEC, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Talk title: “Organics Recovery in Québec: from Scratch to Banning!” Abstract Link (Session P2)
Presenter Bio: Mrs. Sophie Taillefer has been working in the waste management field for over 10 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and a master degree in Environmental Sciences from the Montreal University in Québec. After working for the private consulting sector for two years, Sophie joined the ranks of RECYC-QUÉBEC a crowed owned corporation of the Québec government (Quebec equivalent of CalRecycle) in 2003. She has been responsible of organics recycling since 2004 and dedicated to the development of many tools such as guides and an internet site on municipal organics recovery. Sophie has been a member of the Board of directors of the Canadian Compost Council (CCC) since 2004 and vice-president since 2008. She also acts as a peer advisor for the Green Municipal Fund of the Federation of Canadian municipalities.

Tamara Thomas, P.E.Tamara Thomas, P.E.
Terre-Source LLC, Mount Vernon, WA, USA
Talk title: “”Dialing In” Compost Application for Horticultural Tree Nursery Fields: Results from Year 3 of a Multi-Year Trial” Abstract Link (Session U7)
Presenter Bio: Tamara Thomas is a licensed engineer in Washington State. She has managed her consulting firm Terre-Source LLC for the compost and recycling industry since 2002. She is past secretary and president of WORC. She received her MS in Engineering from the University of Washington, her BA and another MS in Soil chemistry from Washington State University. She has presented to Master Gardeners, farmers, Biocycle, NBMA, Focus on Farming, and Western Washington Potato Workshop among others.

Bryan Ukena
Eureka Recycling, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Talk title: “Zero-Waste Composting: How Preventing and Composting Food Waste Can Help Conquer Climate Change and Prevent Disease. ” Abstract Link (Session P4)
Presenter Bio: Bryan Ukena, Director of Business Development, has spent eighteen years directing, planning, and implementing waste reduction programs from the ground up. Bryan joined Eureka in 2007 and is the lead staff person examining the potential for implementation of Saint Paul’s citywide curbside composting program. Before joining Eureka, he designed and implemented a comprehensive recycling program for a nine-county area in Arkansas, including building and operating a material recovery facility, directing education and outreach programs, planning and operating ten community drop-off centers, and implementing two citywide curbside recycling programs. He has also developed business plans and implemented commercial collection programs. Bryan’s history of success building partnerships with local governments, private industry, and non-profits on solid waste issues is a testament to his experience, communication skills, project management skills, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\weindorf.jpgDavid C. Weindorf
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA
Talk title: “Impact of Compost Amendment on Agronomic Production in Haiti” Abstract Link (Session U1)
Presenter Bio: Dr. David C. Weindorf is an Associate Professor and BL Allen Endowed Chair of Pedology at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Weindorf has authored over 70 peer reviewed research papers. His research focuses primarily on new technologies in field soil survey such as portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometry and visible near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, and compost use/characterization. He has extensive international experience, with active research in Romania, Spain, and Haiti.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\wick.jpegJohn Wick
Marin Carbon Project, Nicasio, CA, USA
Talk title: “The Marin Carbon Project: How Compost can help Stop Global Warming ” Abstract Link (Session U1)
Presenter Bio: John Wick was a union carpenter and studied project management at both SF State and UC Berkeley. John worked in the SF Bay area on commercial and high-end residential projects from 1975 until 1995.Since 1998, he has been a cattle rancher, a grass farmer, and is now the manager of microorganisms at the watershed scale. He is co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project, which continues to expand our scientific understanding of compost and climate.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\williams_cut.pngTodd Williams
CH2M HILL, Mechanicsville, VA, USA
Talk title: “Biosolids Composting Technology: Where It Has Come From and Where It Is Going” Abstract Link (Session C3)
Presenter Bio: Mr. Williams has a 33-year engineering career with specific emphasis in residuals and biosolids management. Mr. Williams has made numerous presentations and is a contributing author for several articles and books significant to biosolids and residuals management, composting, and odor control including the recently published WEF/WERF/EPA Solids Process Design and Management Manual. Todd serves as Chair of the Water Environment Federation’s Residuals and Biosolids Committee and is CH2M HILL’s Global Technology Leader for Biosolids Management.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\woods.JPGScott Woods
Sustainable Generation, LLC, Chelmsford, MA, USA
Talk title: “Development of an Commercial Scale Composting Facility for Multiple Feed Stocks – Green Waste, Food Waste and Biosolids”
Abstract Link (Session C2)
Presenter Bio: Former CEO of The Peninsula Compost Group, which designed, built, owns, and operates the Wilmington Organic Recycling Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Former Remote Services Vice President at Sun Microsytems with +25 years experience in applying technology to solve business problems and create competitive advantages in the Telecom, Information Technology,Government Services and Waste Conversion industries. Scott holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Montana State University and an MBA from the University of Denver. Scott was also a Leading Clean Energy Ventures Fellow at Boston University and a Technology Intern Program at Bellcore (formerly Bell Labs) Fellow.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\woods.JPGTom Wright
SustainableBizness.com, Moraga, CA, USA
Talk title: “A Pathway for Compostable Plastics through Foodservice Operation Diversion” Abstract Link (Session D2)
Presenter Bio: Tom Wright, Sustainable Bizness Practices. Specializes in issues surrounding the grocery industry: Evaluating brands’ & manufacturers’ claims, Zero Waste certification, waste-diversion & auditing grocery and food operations.

Tom is a fourth generation Californian who has worked as a national brand and sales manager to several natural and specialty food. After being trained in The Natural Step (1996), Mr. Wright created SustainableBizness.com. In 2002 Whole Foods Markets engaged him to develop several “green” programs. In 2004 Mr. Wright began producing the bi-annual “Responsible Packaging” forums and awards for the North American organics foods industry. See: responsible-packaging.org.

Since 2004, Tom has worked on various material recovery projects, increasing recycling rates and compost rates through increased access. Early in 2013, he managed a project that certified 3 Whole Foods Markets in San Diego as the first “Zero Waste” grocery stores certified by the US Zero Waste Business Council.

Contact Tom at tom@sustainablebizness.com.

Rhodes Yepsen
Novamont North America, Inc., Easton, PA, USA
Talk title: “Advance Residential Food Waste Collection: Multi-Family Buildings” Abstract Link (Session D3)
Presenter Bio: Rhodes Yepsen is Marketing Manager for Novamont North America, a leading producer of compostable biopolymers. He promotes best practices for the diversion of organic waste from disposal, communicating success from Europe and North America, and showing the value of compostable plastics as tools for diversion. This includes working with communities to adopt food waste composting and anareobic digestion Mr. Yepsen was formerly Associate Editor at BioCycle magazine as well as independent consultant.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Cary:Dropbox:2014 Conference:speakers:headshots:Young_M.tiffMichele Young
Organics Manager, City of San Jose, San Jose, CA, USA
Talk title: “Powering San Jose: 3 Perspectives on Developing a Public-Private AD System” Abstract Link (Session AD1)
Talk title: “Connecting to Compostables: Tools and Actions for Every User” Abstract Link (Session D2)
Presenter Bio: Michele has been putting her Agriculture degree from Cal Poly, as well as a Masters in Environmental Studies to good use for the City of San Jose’s Environmental Services Department for over 16 years. She is the Chair of the California Organics Recycling Council, Co-Chair of the National Compostable Plastics Task Force, Chair of the Regional Eco-Gardener Coalition, and Supports several of the USCC Committees. Exciting current projects with the City include implementation of the City’s new commercial services, featuring development of an AD/Composting facility, demonstration studies for wood waste and biosolids gasification, and implementation of a National Compostable Plastics Clearinghouse.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\zbinden.jpgMarcus Zbinden
Carver County Environmental Services, Chaska, MN, USA
Talk title: “Scientific Evaluation of Contact Water from an Organics Compost Demonstration Site in Minnesota” Abstract Link (Session P5)
Presenter Bio: Marcus Zbinden has worked in the Solid Waste industry for the past 20 years. He is currently Vice Chair on the Minnesota Composting Council and Chair of the Recycling Association of Minnesota. He has a Masters of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Minnesota and is an Environmental Specialist for Carver County where he works with recycling, composting and other solid waste programs.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\zientec_cut.jpgJo Zientec
City of San Jose, San Jose, CA, USA
Talk title: “Municipal Planning: Highlights the public sector process for creating technology innovation, and local green infrastructure through zero waste and renewable energy policy, program implementation through RFP and feedstock contract awards, risk sharing and large scale public private contract management” Abstract Link (Session AD1)
Presenter Bio: Jo implements San Jose’s Zero Waste Strategic Plan 2022. Recent achievements: development of $30 million Clean Tech Demonstration Center, supporting City’s Economic Development Strategy and partially financed through Federal New Markets Tax Credit program – a first for CA city; new commercial solid waste system-live July 2012- with best-in-class 75% recycling rate– won 2013 SWANA Gold Excellence Award; Design/implementation of most comprehensive national ordinance to reduce single-use carryout bags; leading CA Energy Commission pilot using emerging gasification technology to turn biosolids/wood waste into fuel. BA, Biology, UCSC; MPA, SJSU. 2013 Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executive Leadership Program.

Description: C:\Users\User\Desktop\CONF\Fotos\zientec_cut.jpgJustin J. Zeulner
Senior Director of Sustainability and Public Affairs – Portland Trail Blazers
Talk title: “Improving the Dining Experience: examples from the Pros” Abstract Link (Session D5)
Presenter Bio: Justin J. Zeulner, MBA, is the Senior Director of Sustainability and Public Affairs for the Portland Trail Blazers, corporate representative for BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy) membership and co-founding board member/treasurer of the Green Sports Alliance. Zeulner is responsible for the leadership and management of corporate sustainability initiatives, public affairs and government relations for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Rose Quarter. In addition, he acts as a liaison for community land-use and business affairs within the City of Portland and the local region.