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USCC Webinar: Composting is a Team Sport – Greening Stadiums and Arenas

Organics diversion is taking the U.S. sports world by storm, and one of the reasons is green initiatives focused on the sports industry undertaken by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Darby Hoover of the NRDC will provide an overview in this session of their recent publication, “NRDC’s Guide to Composting at Stadiums and Arenas.” Joining her on this panel is Scott Jenkins, General Manager of the New Atlanta Stadium (Falcons) and Board Chair of the Green Sports Alliance, and Susan Thoman, Vice President of Corporate Development at USCC Member Cedar Grove Composting.

This report is one of the NRDC’s latest resources designed to help advance environmental progress in professional sports and collegiate sports. This will be a three-part presentation, with each panelist presenting: Darby will discuss the research and recommendations that went into the report; Scott and Susan will discuss implementing organics recycling in sports venues, with specific reference to the successful Seattle Mariners organics recycling partnership with Cedar Grove.

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