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USCC Webinar: Composting is a Team Sport – Greening Stadiums and Arenas

Organics diversion is taking the U.S. sports world by storm, and one of the reasons is green initiatives focused on the sports industry undertaken by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Darby Hoover of the NRDC will provide an overview in this session of their recent publication, “NRDC’s Guide to Composting at Stadiums and Arenas.” Joining her on this panel is Scott Jenkins, General Manager of the New Atlanta Stadium (Falcons) and Board Chair of the Green Sports Alliance, and Susan Thoman, Vice President of Corporate Development at USCC Member Cedar Grove Composting.

This report is one of the NRDC’s latest resources designed to help advance environmental progress in professional sports and collegiate sports. This will be a three-part presentation, with each panelist presenting: Darby will discuss the research and recommendations that went into the report; Scott and Susan will discuss implementing organics recycling in sports venues, with specific reference to the successful Seattle Mariners organics recycling partnership with Cedar Grove.

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Size It Up, Size It Down: Using Aerated Static-Piles to Fit Your Needs – RECORDED VIDEO

In this webinar we will review the best practices for achieving success in your composting operation at the size that fits your needs.

Learn how you can size your pile to:

  • Maximize limited space and time available for maintenance of your pile
  • Understand feedstock management
  • Achieve best use of your compost product
  • Integrate nutrient management into your operation

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RECORDING of Compost Process Fundamentals Webinar

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This presentation by Dr. Gary Felton provides an understanding of the biology (microbiology) that occurs when material composts. Microbes do the work and providing for their needs and controlling their functions result in a successful composting facility. After the webinar you will understand the principles involved in compost process control.

The basics in this course are the basics necessary for composting anything– from biosolids to butcher waste. The same fundamentals are essential when troubleshooting problems and developing solutions.

Dr. Felton discusses the process variables over which that are under the compost manufacturer’s control: feedstocks, oxygen, moisture, pH, and, to some degree, temperature. These process variables are the tools that will result in successful composting successful and allow you to adapt to any changes in the materials entering your operation.

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RECORDING of Compost Benefits, Uses & Markets Webinar

Purchase a complete recording of the webinar conducted on November 17, 2011 (free to those who already paid). After payment we will send you a link to the recording.

Webinar description
Many compost producers, both municipal and private, get involved in composting as an effective means of recycling organic residuals, with little thought given to marketing the final product. The disposition of the compost is often times viewed as a ‘build it and they will come’ situation, rather than a process which begins when the first organic residuals are delivered to the composting facility. There have been too many instances where surplus stockpiles of compost have become problematic to the producer, resulting in regulatory concerns and a lower value for the finished product. Compost marketing must begin when composting facility construction begins!

Basic marketing tenants include; know your product and understand your targeted market segments. This webinar will explain the agronomic benefits of adding compost to soil and will review the variety of applications for compost in the landscape including; topsoil manufacturing, turf topdressing, backfill mixes, erosion control and others. It will introduce the compost producer to the myriad of compost marketing opportunities available to them. The USCC’s STA Program will also be briefly explained.

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RECORDING OF Compostable Plastics: Opportunities and Challenges

Purchase a complete recording of the webinar conducted on July 17, 2011 (free to those who attended). After payment we will send you a link to the download.  You can also request copies of the individual presentations, in pdf format.

Webinar description:

Compostable plastics are being hailed as the route to zero waste and vilified as causing more harm than good in both recycling and landfilling. What exactly are “compostable plastics”? Are they different from “bioplastics”? Is “biodegradable” different than “compostable”?

This webinar will explain what compostable plastics are (and are not), where they are being successfully used, and examine some of the key challenges, such as identification and labeling, certification and standards, infrastructure development and consumer education.

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