State Compost Regulations

Looking for information about a state’s composting permits, laws or regulations?  Need a contact in the state for questions or more information?

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  • State Regulations (PDF)
  • State Regulations (Website)
  • State Regulatory Code Reference
  • State Law/Legislation Code
  • Compost Permits
  • Enabling Legislation
  • Primary State Contact
  • Permitting State Contact
  • Composting Programs

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MOdel rules

The USCC has developed a model compost rule template (MCRT), intended to serve as a model for states to use when writing or revising their permitting rules. The template includes a three-tiered permit structure, with design and operating requirements based on materials composted and technology employed.  The foundation of the tiers is the feedstock categories, which are based on the materials’ potential risks to human health and the environment.  The template also includes siting and testing requirements based on quantity and types of feedstocks processed.  The MCRT is anticipated to be a “living document” that will be periodically reviewed and updated as knowledge and experience in compost manufacturing and regulating continue to mature. We welcome comments and suggestions.

Download the Model Compost Rule Template

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