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You are invited to submit an abstract for consideration at the 22nd Annual Conference and Tradeshow

The USCC’s Annual Conference is the premiere professional meeting for composting, organics recycling, and related topics. The Conference routinely attracts over 1,000 attendees working directly in the fields of compost manufacturing and organics recycling, guaranteeing speakers outstanding professional exposure. Proposed presentations should include information directly relevant to composters and related professions.

Abstract Submission Due Date: June 30, 2013

Abstract Guideline and Submission Instructions

Abstracts are encouraged on the following conference topics:

- Commercial Organics Diversion Programs and Progress
- Residential Organics Collection Program Implementation and Evaluation
- Compostable Plastics
- The Role of Organics in Zero Waste Programs
- Anaerobic Digestion (focus on Non-Farm Residuals)
- Innovative Composting Systems & Technologies
- Facility Operational Challenges
- Odor Control & Air Quality
- Stormwater Management at Compost Facilities
- Worker Health and Safety
- Use of Renewable Energy at Composting Facilities
- The Business of Organics Recycling
- Financing Options
- Job Creation in the Organics Recycling Industries
- Expanding Markets
- Increasing Sales of Compost-based Products
- Innovative Uses of Compost
- Legislation, Regulations and Advocacy
- Consumer Education
- Home Composting Promotion and Programs
- Persistent Herbicide Impacts
- New Academic Research

Presentations on current research and case studies are encouraged on the impacts of compost use as it relates to soil health for food production and safety, environmental benefits, landscape management, watershed maintenance, drought tolerance, flood control and related topics.

  • Presenters can expect to have 20 minutes for their presentation, plus a few minutes for Q & A if time allows.
  • Both case studies and research reports are welcome. Case studies may not simply espouse the benefits of a single product or service but must make a more general point (ie, no “infomercials”).
  • Abstracts will also be accepted for full 90-minute sessions. Session abstracts must identify the individual speakers and panelists and topics to be covered.
  • Accepted abstracts will be available to view on-line prior to and at the conference.

Benefits of speaking at the USCC Conference

  • Reduced registration fee to attend the entire conference
  • Recognition among your colleagues and peers in the composting industry
  • Publication of your presentation and/or paper in the conference proceedings
  • Unlimited networking opportunities
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