USCC Young Professionals

USCC Young Professionals


To develop young professionals in the composting industry by providing an avenue for professional advancement through networking, education, and leadership opportunities.

The first USCC Young Professionals meeting at the USCC 2014 Conference in Oakland

About Us:

The USCC Young Professionals Group was formed on October 2013 to be a platform for young professionals to connect with each other and industry leaders, as well as to provide support for career advancement to young professionals within the composting industry.  Young Professionals are either under 35 or have less than 5 years’ experience in the industry.

Our young professionals are passionate about sustainability and are committed to spreading composting efforts nationwide. The group holds annual networking events and provides opportunities to learn and interact with the best in the composting world.

Contact Information:

To get involved or become a member, please contact:

Gary Nihart
Committee Chair
Linda Norris Waldt
Director of Membership and Communication
Calling ALL USCC Members!
Become a Mentee, become a Mentor.

Details on USCC Young Professional’s Mentor Pilot Program
Pilot Goal : Match 10 mentors with 10 mentees

Duration of Program : Two Month

Participant Guidelines :
Mentee Guidelines
Mentor Guidelines

Mentee/Mentor Applications:


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