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USCC Brings Aboard New STA, Compost Use Staff Member

Hilary Nichols, a horticulturist and experienced public garden manager, is the USCC’s new Market Development Coordinator, the Council announced. Read More

New Compost Definition – Results From USCC Work with AAPFCO

The American Association of Plant and Food Control Officials has approved a new definition for compost that emphasizes the pathogen-removing thermophilic process, differentiating it from many products often confused as compost. Read More

US Compost Industry 2018 Conference Signals Infrastructure Growth for Organics Collection

Compost manufacturers, organics collectors, equipment providers and others from the compost industry gathered in record numbers from 43 states and 11 countries at the US Composting Council’s 26th Annual Conference, indicating maturity in the market and a public embrace of compost production. Read More









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