Commercial Composting-One of Hottest US Industries-Brings National Conference to Phoenix in January

More than 1,000 members of the commercial composting community will be gathered Jan. 28-31 2019 for the first time in the Phoenix, AZ region for the annual conference of the US Composting Council in an era of infrastructure challenges, keen attention to food scrap diversion and the link between compost and climate change. Read more

Composting Council Launches Second Professional Certification

Reston, VA–The US Composting Council’s Certification Commission is introducing a new credential that is designed for industry professionals who are experts in the field of compost manufacturing and facility management. Read More

Composting Collaborative Webinar on Nurturing Entrepreneurs to Grow Infrastructure

The Composting Collaborative, of which USCC is a founding partner, is focusing its October webinar on the role of new businesses in closing the gaps in providing organics recycling collection and compost production and sales. USCC has found that encouraging entrepreneurship is one answer. Read more

Acclaimed Soil Health Author Schwartz to Keynote National Compost Conference

Judith D. Schwartz, author of the critically acclaimed book, Cows Save the Planet, will be the keynote speaker at the US Composting Council’s 27th Annual Conference, Renew and Regenerate, the USCC announced today. Read More









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