USCC Webinar: Size it Up, Size it Down

Size It Up, Size It Down:Using Aerated Static-Piles to Fit Your Needs


In this webinar we will review the best practices for achieving success in your composting operation at the size that fits your needs.

Learn how you can size your pile to:

  • Maximize limited space and time available for maintenance of your pile
  • Understand feedstock management
  • Achieve best use of your compost product
  • Integrate nutrient management into your operation

During this webinar you will come away with:

-An overview of Aerated Static Pile (ASP) technology

-Resources required for implementing an ASP system

-Maintenance and troubleshooting strategies

-Feedstock management

-Best ways to use your compost

-Finished product profiles and need for testing


Peter MoonPeter Moon, PE, Owner / President of O2 Compost

Peter is a licensed civil engineer in the State of Washington and has worked as a consulting engineer serving as project manager on projects involving site selection, permitting, design, construction management, and regulatory compliance. He is currently project manager for all municipal, industrial and agricultural composting projects at O2 Compost. Peter has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology (1977) and a Masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering from UC Berkeley (1979).

Andy BaryAndy Bary, Soil Scientist, Washington State University

Andy is a soil scientist and been on Washington State University Puyallup staff for 28 years. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho and a Masters degree from Washington State University. He conducts research and educational programming in composting, compost usage, organic cropping systems, nutrient management, soil science, cover crops, pastured poultry and food safety on the farm.


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