2016 Rain Barrel & Compost Bin Sale Events

Location: Various
Start Date: April 22 2016
End Date: June 11 2016
Contact: Brita Sailer, Recycling Association of Minnesota, Phone: 651-641-4560 Email: [email protected]
Category: ICAW

COMPOST BINS $59: Composting is a great way to inexpensively create nutrient rich fertilizer for gardens or landscaping by recycling much of your kitchen and yard waste.
RAIN BARRELS $74: With many cities enforcing watering bans, rain water can be applied anytime and is naturally soft, devoid of minerals, chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals, making it great for plants, lawns and gardens. Rain water cannot be used for drinking without special treatment.
PLASTIC KITCHEN PAILS $15: Every backyard composter will agree that kitchen pails are a convenient solution to collecting kitchen scraps when preparing and cleaning up after meals.
STAINLESS STEEL ½ GALLON KITCHEN PAIL $25: The Stainless Steel kitchen pail is equipped with a carbon filter to help reduce odors.

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