Cannabis Growers and Compost to Be Focus of January COMPOST2017 Conference Session in California

October 31, 2016

Colum Riley, Malibu Compost

Premium compost plays a key role in the rapidly growing cannabis industry, and a California compost producer will share the results of his experience working with marijuana growers during the past few years at COMPOST2017, the national conference of the compost industry, to be held in January in Los Angeles, CA. Other panelists will discuss other aspects of the topic.

“Cannabis is meant to be a soil-based industry; now even indoor growers are adopting organic soil cultivation strategies incporating nutrient rich and biologically active comosts, and the deman for organic cannabis is skyrocketing,” said Colum Riley, president of Malibu Compost, a company located in California and Oregon. Organic soil-based cannabis is outperforming its hydroponic synthetic nutrient-grown counterparts in many categories and metrics, he said.

His presentation is entitled: “Compost and Cannabis: A Match Made in Legalization.” Twenty-five states and Washington, DC have legalized cannabis in some form, especially for medical use, according to Governing magazine, creating a new market for compost manufacturers. California’s vote on legalization is coming in November.

Along with others on his panel, Colum will discuss the variety of tests for compost in states that allow cannabis growing; how compost suppliers can comply with the needs of growers and the regulations they must follow, and how to produce a quality compost that in some markets can sell as much as $20 per cubic foot of bagged compost.

Compost is also in high demand by cannabis growers due to its slow nutrient release, which is a more economical way of meeting the needs of the plants; its ability to help the plants resist disease, which can fell indoor crops quickly; and to produce denser brix and terprene levels.

Riley’s session will be held the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan. 25th. COMPOST2017, the worlds largest organics recycling trade show and conference, will be held at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, CA from January 23 through Jan. 26, 2017.

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