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Certified Compost Operations Manager (CCOM) Launched; New Website— Provides Open Access to Professionals in Organics Recycling Industry

November 2, 2016

Washington, DC October 26, 2016—The Certification Commission of the US Composting Council (CC-USCC) formally launched the Certified Compost Operations Manager (CCOM) program today and invited all people who work in composting operations and have at least one training program of three days or more to go to the Certification Commission website at to step into the application process by clicking on the big orange banner which appears on every page and says “Apply for your CCOM today!”

Creation of the first professional credential by and for the compost manufacturing industry started 20 months ago (February 2015) with a development grant from the 11th Hour Project to the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation (CCREF). “As we completed development and stepped into business operations necessary to launch and sustain the program for decades, we formed a Certification Commission and official charter to work in close collaboration with the US Composting Council, our national trade association,” said Cary Oshins, Director of Certification for the Certification Commission and Director of Education for CCREF. He continued, “We retained The Communicators, the standards and certification development consulting firm, to help us build this certification business from the ground up.”

The CCOM certification model follows the same processes, national studies and consensus input from employers, practitioners, regulators and public representatives which define hundreds of accredited professional certifications. “This is a rigorous, credible, inclusive certification, built in the same manner as well-known and established certifications in other green industries and public safety organizations,” explained Oshins.

Everything an individual or their employer needs to begin and complete the CCOM certification progress is detailed on the Certification Commission website. The Commissioners expect the first wave of CCOM certified professional to come from the ranks of more than 300 people who registered for the beta version of the CCOM test this summer. All who passed that test received official notice from the Commission this week that they are first in line to complete the application and complete all steps and requirements to get official notice before the end of 2016 that they are in the First Class of CCOM Certified Professionals. All who have completed the application, qualified, plus taken and passed the test before December 20 will be honored and recognized nationally at the USCC Annual Convention in Los Angeles on Wednesday, January 25.

In addition to certification of professionals, the Certification Commission actively seeks formal alliances with corporations who already have invested time, talent, and resources into their brand in satisfying their customers while bringing eco-awareness to everyday life and purchasing choices.

CCOM Certification is open to all, without any restrictions or requirements for association membership. The Commission will extend price breaks and group discounts for fees to USCC Members.

The mission of the Certification Commission of the USCC is to develop and administer national, valid, credible, vendor-neutral certification programs for organics recycling professionals which enhance the profession of organics recycling facility management and in turn benefit the community business and environmental outcomes.

For more information and contact email for the USCC Certification Commission, go to