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Composting Foundation Launches Triennial Two Cents for Compost Appeal

October 22, 2014

A third of the research and education budget for the foundation that leads U.S. composting research comes from putting your money where your compost is.

The Composting Council Research and Education Foundation (CCREF), which has headed groundbreaking projects such as the Compostable Plastics Toolkit, the Soil and Water Connection and the Curb to Compost Toolkit, is recruiting donors to move forward future projects.

Two Cents for Compost is a program that secures three-year commitments from boosters of compost research, who pledge two cents for every cubic yard of compost produced (either by composters themselves, or supporters who make a flat dollar pledge).

The contributions provide a sustaining budget that allows CCREF to facilitate research in key areas for the expansion of composting and compost markets; to conduct public education in significant compost issues such as compostable plastics purchasing; and to provide best practices guidance for compost initiatives such as food scrap diversion and collection.

“Without the Two-Cents program, CCREF staff could not be the “engine” to move forward the grants and programs that the composting community needs to expand,” said Ginny Black, chair of the Foundation. “The support of our community is vital to these projects moving forward.”

To make a donation or pledge, visit or contact Leanne Spaulding, Development Officer, at 301-897-2715 to learn more.