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DuPont Suspends Sales of Imprelis and Sends a Voluntary Recall Notice to Industry

August 7, 2011

DuPont Co. is pulling a new herbicide from the market, after it was blamed for damaging or killing thousands of trees. The weedkiller Imprelis has become the target of several lawsuits.

Lori G. Bowman, the Agrichemical Management Bureau Director says, “State lead agencies continue to be highly concerned with compost-related damage. I am aware of at least two cases in Region 5 where grass clippings appear to be the source of damage. Compost-related issues will unfortunately be a likely on-going concern even if the product is removed from the market. Secondly, trees that are removed because they have died or been damaged by Imprelis need to be properly disposed of. We are starting to get calls about what to do with trees. They should not be chipped and placed back into the landscape according to information provided by DuPont. As I get information on these issues, I will share them. I just want you to know concerns that we and other state regulatory programs have.”

As reported by the Lawn and Landscape website, DuPont has posted a letter announcing the suspension of sales, and instituting a return-for-refund policy. The company also expressed regret for any “tree injuries.”