USCC Partners With Celebrity Garden Host Joe Lamp’l to Talk Compost

April 16, 2015

Joe Lamp’l - Growing a Greener World
High quality compost is critical, not only to world soil health, but to the continuously growing market for compost from America’s organic resources.

That is why the US Composting Council has launched a partnership with media gardening icon Joe Lamp’l of the PBS show Growing a Greener World, to emphasize the availability and of tested compost. A show that Lamp’l will produce, as well as highlights throughout the partnership year, will feature STA (Seal of Testing Assurance) compost in the fast-moving organics composting market.

“Organics recycling has exploded in the past few years because municipalities across the country are moving more beneficial organics like food scraps out of their waste streams, and new compost manufacturers large and small are coming on line all over,” said Bob Engel of compost company Engel and Gray, chair of the USCC’s Market Development Committee. “We need to continue to ramp up the profile for quality compost to educate the public about tested compost from professionally run facilities.”

While state and local government regulators are updating compost regulations to meet the demand for the growing number of facilities, the US Composting Council is also experiencing rising demand for training of facility operators, education in the science of compost, and testing for compost quality.

The USCC’s Seal of Testing Assurance program, created in 2000, is a testing, labelling and information disclosure program designed to provide users with information about the makeup of the compost.

The Market Development Committee’s goal is to focus consumers, landscapers and nurseries on the use of compost through Mr. Lamp’ls celebrity endorsement, said Al Rattie, executive director of the USCC. Mr. Lamp’l has also produced a video for USCC and will be keynote speaker at the organization’s annual conference in January 2016 in Jacksonville, FL.

About the US Composting Council

The US Composting Council, a national organization dedicated to the development, expansion and promotion of the composting industry, was established in 1990 to encourage, support and perform compost related research. USCC promotes best management practices, establishes standards, educates professionals and the public about the benefits of composting and compost utilization, and enhances compost product quality, and trains composters and compost markets. USCC members include compost producers, marketers, equipment manufacturers, product suppliers, academic institutions, public agencies, nonprofit groups and consulting/engineering firms.