Virginia Composters Form State Composting Council Chapter

March 19, 2015

Virginia Chapter - US Composting Council

The State of Virginia is the newest to form a regional group to promote the compost manufacturing industry under the umbrella of the US Composting Council, the group announced today.

Their goal is joining the forces of compost manufacturers, municipal managers and collectors of organics, as well as researchers and other allies including users of compost for Virginia projects, said Pieter Conradie of Draper Aden Associates, current President of the group.

The group currently has about 30 active members and will work to promote the industry and educate state regulators, local officials and the public about the importance of the compost manufacturing industry to local waste management programs, jobs and business development and use of compost for stormwater management, erosion control and other green infrastructure needs. Members of the VCC work together to take positions on regulations and legislation that affect the industry and the market for compost.

Virginia becomes the fourth regional chapter of the USCC, which is growing due to the increased diversion efforts of communities who are removing food scraps along with the traditional yard trim from disposal. The demand side of the industry is expanding with the growing recognition of the beneficial uses of compost.

California, Minnesota and North Carolina all have USCC chapters, and less formal groups are working in the Maryland-Delaware region and Colorado.

Members of the Virginia Composting Council’s board include: Kyle White, and Bob Broom from McGill Compost, John Collett from City of Newport News, Marshall Hall, and Chip Hall from Natural Organic Process Enterprises, as well as Pieter Conradie from Draper Aden Associates.