USCC Webinar: Compost Process Fundamentals

Learn by Webinar! What You’ll Learn.

This presentation will provide an understanding of the biology (microbiology) that occurs when material composts. Microbes do the work and providing for their needs and controlling their functions result in a successful composting facility. You will understand the principles involved in compost process control.

The basics in this course are the basics necessary for composting anything– from biosolids to butcher waste. The same fundamentals are essential when troubleshooting problems and developing solutions.

We will look at the process variables over which we have control: feedstocks, oxygen, moisture, pH, and, to some degree, temperature. These process variables are the tools that will result in successful composting successful and allow you to adapt to any changes in the materials entering your operation.

Who You’ll Learn From.

Gary Felton was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland. He earned a BS and MS in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Maryland and his PhD in Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M …. “I am an “Aggie,” he says proudly!

Gary FeltonSince 1978, he has been working in non-point source pollution, focusing on nutrients, with research at Universities in Maryland, Texas, and Kentucky. He is currently Associate Professor and Extension Agricultural Engineer at the University of Maryland, and has been teaching and organizing Mid-Atlantic Better Composting School since 2004. He also teaches a Large Animal composting short course and Poultry Mortality Composting short course.

Dr. Felton is also an Extension Water Quality Specialist at the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension in the Biological Resources Engineering Department working on composting, poultry litter management, biosolids, and urban nutrients. He is also Chair of the Urban Nutrient Management Work Group (an advisory group to MDA).