Compostable Products Task Force

Compostable Products Task Force (CPTF)


To provide an organizational structure that facilitates a dialog among plastics producers, product manufacturers, purchasers and consumers of compostable plastic products, recycling and organics recovery program managers, and composters. To influence the ongoing development of compostable plastics so that materials benefit the composting industry through increased organic waste capture, and don’t add undue burdens including non-compostability of materials and added residue disposal.


To provide an organizational structure that facilitates a dialog among plastics producers, product manufacturers, purchasers and consumers, recycling program managers and composters.  The Task Force will encourage composters to add their voice to the conversation so that end-of-life impacts can be considered as decisions are made about compostable products.


The CPTF is an ad-hoc committee of the USCC that consists of a Leadership Team and 3 Working Groups. The leadership team includes co-chairs USCC Board member Matt Cotton and BPI Executive Director Rhodes Yepson, and the facilitators of the 3 working groups.

The three working groups are:

  • Labeling, identification and consumer outreach/education, co-facilitated by Jack Macy from the City of San Francisco and Andrew Hoyle from New York City
  • Legislation and Enforcement, facilitated by Nick Lapis from Californians Against Waste
  • Compostability Standards and Operation Impacts, facilitated by Hilary Near from City of Oakland, CA

Membership in any of the working groups is open to all interested individuals from across the “value chain”.

Timeline and events:

January 25, 2016

  • Compostable Plastics Task Force Meeting at the USCC Annual Conference
  • Open to all!  1:30 pm – 4:30 pm  Hear updates on various initiatives. Get involved in future plans.
  • Meeting sponsored by BPI and NatureWorks

October 2015

November 2014

  • Model Compostable Products Labeling bill developed by the Legislation and Enforcement Working Group is approved by the USCC Board
  • Modeled after the successful labeling legislation in California, it is intended to be used to push for similar regulations in other states to prevent “greenwashing” of plastics that don’t meet ASTM or other recognized compostability standards

October 2014

February 2014

  • New Compostable Plastics Toolkit Launched!
  • This toolkit is designed to help recycling coordinators, sustainability managers, and others determine if a compostable plastics program is appropriate for their organization and to guide them in the proper management of compostable plastics.

July 2013

  • Use and Value of Compostable Plastics Survey conducted by San Jose to guide toolkit development

June 2013

  • The City of San Jose Environmental Services Department develops and makes available a protocol to assess the compostability of food service ware at commercial compost facilities. These are protocols to determine the compostabiity of a specific product in a working composting system, not in a lab. Composters, distributors and manufacturers are encouraged to use these protocols and share their results.
  • Click on the photo to read a short summary of the project

March 2013

  • City of San Jose, in Partnership with USCC and the cities of Gaithersburg, MD and Asheville, NC, receives $50,000 Grant from the  Urban Sustainability Directors Network for the development of a compostable plastics toolkit.

January 2013

April 2012:

January 2012:

  • 2nd Compostable Plastics Symposium held at USCC Conference in Austin, TX. 
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    to see and hear the presentations

January 2011:

  • CORC supported development of a White Paper to lay out the issue regarding compostable plastics.
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    to download document.
  • Compostable Plastics Symposium held at the USCC Conference in Sam Jose, CA.
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    to see and hear the presentation and notes from the follow-up meeting.

If you are interested in joining one of the working groups, click here.

Contact information:

Co Chairs:

Matthew Cotton
Integrated Waste Management Consulting, LLC
(530) 265-4560
Fax (530) 903-4649
[email protected]

Rhodes Yepson
Executive Director
Biodegradable Products Institute
1-888-BPI-LOGO (274-5646), Ext. 2
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @compostable

Cary Oshins
[email protected]