Donor List

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The Foundation gratefully acknowledges these donors for their generous support.

Two Cents Program Donors:

These donors are enrolled in the Two Cents for Compost Program. The Foundation thanks these pioneering compost producers for contributing .02 per cubic yard of compost sold to support critical research and education projects.

A1 Organics*
Chamness Technologies*
Engel & Gray
Inland Empire Regional Composting Authority*
LETCO Group/Living Earth*
McGill Environmental Services
The Mulch Store
St. Louis Composting*
WeCare Organics*
*denotes Founding Members of the Two Cents Program

Research and Education Circle Donors:

General ($1 – $99)
Gaia Strategies
Mill Hollow Farms
Web Cohesive

Champion ($500-$999)
Frank Franciosi
Michael Virga
Contributor ($100 – $249)
Debra Darby
Russ Leistiko
Cary Oshins
Al Rattie
Leanne Spaulding
General ($1 – $99)
Ron Alexander
Ron Kennedy
Lorrie Kennedy
Lorrie Loder
Mike Manna
John Norris
Chris Taylor