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Compost Use
Composting Practices
Health and Safety

Standard Specifications for Compost for Erosion/Sediment Control

These specifications contain all of the technical text found in the “Official” American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) versions found in their 2003 AASHTO Provisional Standards Manual. The Compost for Erosion/Sediment Contol “Filter Berm” is designated as MP 9-03, and the “Compost Blanket” as MP 10-03. For a copy of the official AASHTO specifications contact their Publications Assistant at 202-624-5800.

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Compost and Its Benefits

What is compost and how is it made? This fact sheet summarizes the many physical, chemical and biological benefits that the use of compost brings.

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USCC Factsheet: Washington State Bioengineering

The Washington State DOT (WSDOT) completed a project involving soil bioengineering on problematic slopes. Compost was used as part of the soil bioengineering solution.

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USCC Factsheet: Texas DOT – Revegetating Difficult Slopes

The objective of this project was to demonstrate how the utilization of compost could effectively revegetate a barren slope.

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