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Compost Use
Composting Practices
Health and Safety

Compost Air Emissions Health Studies

Summary of Articles on Compost Air Emissions Health Studies
This paper is an abridged version of a more comprehensive document. This paper summarizes only those articles that deal specifically with health impacts, while the full paper includes papers that address air emissions as well as health.

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Fact Sheet: Endotoxins

What is Endotoxin?

Endotoxin is a lipopolysaccharide (LPS) that is part of the cell wall of gram negative bacteria (Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 19th Ed. F.A. Davis Co., Philadelphia, PA. 2001). Rylander and Jacobs (1994) indicate that endotoxins are made up of complex LPS compound, which consists of polysaccharide chains connected by core oligosaccharide to a lipid part.

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A Practical Safety Manual For the Composting and Mulching Industry

The objective of this manual is to help you establish a safety program that is compliant with regulations and effective in reducing or eliminating safety hazards.

From the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services. Mr. Bryan Lane, CIS Occupational Safety and Health Consultant, researched and produced this manual.

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