USCC Webinar

Odor Control 101 – Practical Guide to Managing Odor


In this webinar we will review the prevention of compost odors, the conditions that underlie odor problems and the issues they can cause.

Find out how you can:

  • Recognize conditions that cause odor
  • Properly manage for and prevent odor
  • Utilize monitoring methods
  • Evaluate in-coming feedstock and identify issues before odor becomes a problem
  • Implement the use of bio-filters and other technologies

The Speaker:

Gary FeltonGary Felton was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland. He earned a BS and MS in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Maryland and his PhD in Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M …. “I am an “Aggie,” he says proudly!

Since 1978, he has been working in non-point source pollution, focusing on nutrients, with research at Universities in Maryland, Texas, and Kentucky. He is currently Associate Professor and Extension Agricultural Engineer at the University of Maryland, and has been teaching and organizing Mid-Atlantic Better Composting School since 2004. He also teaches a Large Animal composting short course and Poultry Mortality Composting short course.

Dr. Felton is also an Extension Water Quality Specialist at the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension in the Environmental Science and Technology Department working on composting, poultry litter management, biosolids, and urban nutrients. He is also Chair of the Urban Nutrient Management Work Group (an advisory group to MDA).

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