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Downloads, Training and Resources For You!!!!

Why Compost? (free)*Are you working to convince fellow dorm residents, commuters, administrators or others why compost is important? Click here for Compost and its Benefits!

*Events and Venues Composting (free)…click here.
This guide, co-sponsored by the US Composting Council, was compiled by the Natural Resources Defense Council and is all about the economic and ecological reasons and best practices for composting at sports and entertainment venues.

*Workplace Composting (free)…..click here.
Kimberly-Clark Professional, the US Composting Council (USCC) and Keep America Beautiful have introduced a free Guide to Workplace Composting to help organizations develop workplace composting programs that support sustainability, waste reduction and zero waste initiatives.
The guide provides step-by-step instructions and resources to help office buildings, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, universities and other workplaces divert organic matter – such as food scraps, used paper towels, coffee grounds and coffee filters – from landfills through composting. Composting is a landfill-free way of using decomposed organic materials to fertilize and condition soil. Compost also can reduce erosion, improve drought tolerance and help reduce the generation of greenhouse gases.

*COMPOST2019 — USCC Annual Conference: Registration here.
Sessions on College Composting to be posted soon!

*Nationally Renowned Compost Facility Training by the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation………click here for upcoming courses.
40-hr, 5-day course focuses on giving you the knowledge you need to run a successful composting facility, whether you’re just getting started or have been composting for a while. In addition to in-depth lectures, the course provides hands-on practice through indoor and outdoor activities as well as tours to local facilities, where the theories meet reality.

*International Compost Awareness Week Planning: This year it’s May 5-11, 2019
Click here to find out how to get your campus involved in the celebration!

Compost and Climate Change: Learn more about how the use of compost can have an impact on carbon sequestration and help mitigate the warming of our planet! Click here for resources!