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Aeration Equipment/Floors
Air Separation Equipment
Anaerobic Digestion
Backyard Composting
Bagging Equipment
Biosolids Management
Collection/Compost Containers
Compost Pile Covers
Composting Systems
Composting Tea Equipment
Compost Turners
Compost Application Equipment
Compost/Mulch Manufacturer/Supplier
Dust Control
Equipment Leasing/Financing
Erosion Control Products
Grinding/Shredding Equipment
Industry Publications
In-Vessel Composting Systems
Materials Handling
Mixing Equipment and Services
Monitering Equipment
Netting/Litter Control
Non-Profit Organization
Odor Control
Parts & Supplies for Composting
Process Control
Rolling Stock: payloaders, dozers, trucks
Screening Equipment
Structures, Insulation
Testing Laboratories

Featured Vendors!

Duff Brush, seller of trommel brushes for McCloskey, Retech, Powerscreen, Wildcat, Finlay and RotoScreen 450 and manufacturer of brushes for most trommel screens including: Extec, Lindig, Maxi Screen, Morbark, Rawson, Royer, Screen Machine and Screen USA Trom as well as custom trommels has been in business making industrial brushes and brooms for 31 years. Duff also can take care of re-brushing existing cores to be re-brushed, and provides replacement brush wafers for Doppstadt trommel screens.

Wood Material's Soil and Composting is the region's most progressive facility whose philosophy is environmental stewardship though conservation of natural resources. We are passionate about building healthy, living, organic soils.

Mother's Organics operates Florida's premier humus farm. This facility receives organic materials such as tree trimmings, grass, leaves, and other clean wood material and turns it into humus, mulches and other soil amendment products through controlled composting processes. Our customers range from landscapers to land developers and those who need to dispose of organic material to gardeners landscapers and farmers who are looking to grow high quality plants and crops.

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