Comments on Persistent Herbicide Registration

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The EPA has started the lengthy process of reviewing the registration of persistent herbicides.

The USCC and several members and allies submitted comments.  You can view the USCC comments on the right.

Ultimately, we do not want these herbicides registered until the EPA defines and limits the persistence of chemicals that COULD end up in compost and the Chemical Companies demonstrate that their herbicides meet these limits.

We let the EPA know that we CANNOT wait for the re-registration process to run it’s course, but that action is needed NOW.  That is why we are asking for a moratorium on the sale of these chemicals until:

  1. Approved uses and crop tolerances are restricted so that the likelihood of compost exceeding 1 ppb of Aminopyralid or 10 ppb Clopyralid is minimized.
  2. Labels are revised to reflect those restrictions
  3. Use is restricted to licensed applicators
  4. Lab methods are developed and approved that allow independent labs to test and verify the amounts of herbicides in compost and feedstock samples.
  5. A persistence limit, or maximum half-life in compost, be established
  6. Testing of the fate of the compounds during composting is completed.

A record of submitted comments can be found HERE (fyi, it takes over a week to get all comments posted, so they should all be viewable by June 6).

Backgound documents on each herbicide, including preliminary workplans, can be found in their dockets:

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