USCC Mentoring Program

USCC began its mentoring program in 2014; so far, eight mentor-mentee pairs have finished the six-month mentoring process, which aims to increase the success rate for Young Professionals between 18 and 35 within their first five years in the industry in establishing businesses, running facilities and programs, achieving research and other professionals goals.

The next Mentoring season will be August 2017 through January 2018 (capping off at COMPOST2018). Mentor/mentee pairs can choose to meet by phone, email, chat, Skype, in person–whatever works!

Coaching checkins will occur throughout the process.

Corinne Coe of Terra Nova Compost and Scott Woods of Sustainable Generation, one of the mentor-mentee pairs.

Download or fill out the appropriate form by July 15, 2017, when we will be matching up our Mentor/Mentee pairs.
Forms should be emailed to [email protected], Linda Norris-Waldt, who can be reached for questions at 301-508-7577.